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    I'd really like an option to remove this without canceling my subscription to custom pins. The last bit of marketing I saw for BBM was all about 'Be in control' so why won't they let us be in control of this? I just feel like a doofus with it and wish it was optional. In my opinion it plays out like this:

    With the blue ribbon:
    "Why does your profile have that blue ribbon with the star on it?"
    "Oh, that's because I have a custom pin instead of the randomly assigned one. "
    "Oh... I see." [with a slightly disgusted look on their face]

    With the blue ribbon optional and turned off:
    "Add me on BBM - here's my pin: _____"
    "How did you get your pin customized? I want that."

    I think one way sells itself, the other might scare people off. I would be so excited to hear BlackBerry were to get a new marketing / PR person. They really don't seem to get it.

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    06-12-15 05:32 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    On the other hand some might see it as a status thing, and like the ribbon. But yes the option would be nice.
    06-12-15 08:03 PM
  3. charlesthekid's Avatar
    Looool I agree. Does look a tad bit corny. Primary School Early Secondary School.

    06-19-15 04:29 AM

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