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    I can really appreciate how BlackBerry has combined the chat bar and tabs bar in some of the newer 10.3 builds.

    Consolidate chat bar / tabs in BBM-sms_edit.jpg

    I'm surprised this hasn't also been utilized in BBM. It saves a lot of screen real estate for the chat itself (Especially for the Q10). These are part of the reasons the Q10 receives criticism. It is an excellent device that can be improved with revisions like this to the UI.

    Consolidate chat bar / tabs in BBM-bbm_edit.jpg

    In the BBM instance, the SMS app can be mimicked.. I would even push the “Invite More” button into the overflow menu since I highly doubt that is used very often.

    I hope to see this in a future update to BBM. I posted this in the Beta Zone discussion board, so I hope it is heard.
    09-01-14 08:12 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    All you can do is that, suggestions. Keep in mind, this is an early build.

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    09-01-14 08:16 PM
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    Totally. If it is in the Text app now and it catches on (I've seen some people call it awful), I'm sure it will find its way to other BlackBerry Built apps as well (BBM, Chat apps like Gtalk).
    Even something like WhatsApp could benefit from this.

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    09-01-14 08:22 PM

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