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    So I love BlackBerry and BBM, just want to get that out of the way first. I forced my best friend to download it and that's what we've been using ever since it went cross-platform.

    But I really feel like the interface is just...well, really odd. I see native apps like Backup Pro and everything is so clear and simple. But with BBM it seems unnecessarily complex. Note, I'm not talking about the UI while in a chat- that feels great to me. I'm talking strictly the main screen and offshoot tabs.

    I tap "Invites" so I can invite a new friend. I see "Scan Barcode" and "Add Friend", ok, those are clear to me at first glance.

    But they're sandwiched between "Invites" with the search icon - what does that mean, I can search for invitations that have been sent to me? Search for contacts to invite? There's already an "Add Contact" icon. I'll come back to this one.

    And more baffling, 20 completely random names from my contacts list, from B thru J. If I tap on them I get an invite email...but then we've already got "Add Contact" that allows me to pick how I send them the invite message.

    When I look back at the Invites search tab, if I begin typing in a contact name, it'll narrow down choices only from the 20 contacts listed below, and then say "No Contacts Found" and I can tap to add contact.

    So already i'm in a state of confusion. I can still invite people once I fiddle with it for a few seconds, but i'm still left with all these questions.

    What is with that list of random people? Why have a list at all that just allows for email, when I already have an "Add Contact" button that allows an email, as well as other forms of communication? What is with that search bar labeled "Invites"? I still don't get what that's doing.

    And I've only discussed one tab here - Invites.

    Is anyone on here experienced in UI issues, that can maybe shed some light on why this setup is so...random and cluttered?

    This is to say nothing of the back and forth invitation dance I always find myself doing with people, or the fact that I can't see pending invites, or the Feeds tab that is completely useless and baffling to me.

    Maybe this all makes more sense if you have 1000 contacts and 300 BBM contacts. I have 70 contacts and 4 BBM contacts.

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    I honestly hate the complexity too, there was suppose to be a UI change for BBM on IOS and Android but ever since Jeff Gadway took over responsibility , I never heard about that again, Jeff did nothing but change that invite screen and add more stickers, I kinda gave up on any major BBM change.

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