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    Brand Spanking new BBMC! #Anime O&E Themes-photofuna_mkof_dw_bxrsbell6y3d1w.jpg

    Hello fellow Crackberrians!

    I want to share with you my very 1st BBMC ever! It's called "#Anime O&E Themes", and it will provide you the artists behind those catchy tunes of your favorite anime shows, OVAs, and movies. Community requests are encouraged and welcome! (No worries on the rather edgy stuff, I want to keep it a relatively clean channel including the content as well.) There's a plethora of great BBM anime channels out there that focus on artwork, GIFs, etc. but this one will focus on the opening and ending music themes of those animes.

    I wouldn't identify myself as an Otaku but I've seen enough animes to notice how darn catchy those opening and ending themes are. As that piqued my interest, I looked into the process and TIL that the ending themes frequently change to match what's going on in the story arc; and that keeps it fresh. And I noticed the music genres range from Jpop to Kpop to heavy metal and so on.

    The general post schedule will be at the most 3 shows a week and you'll get a short blurb about the show as well as links to YouTube of the music that range from direct YT channels of the music artists, their live performances, and so on.

    As planned, I have about 40 shows that will be featured including ones (in no particular order) like:

    (viewing this list is cool on the browser but looks funny on the CB10 app for some reason)

    • Aldnoah.Zero

    • Attack on Titan

    • Cool-headed Hoozuki

    • FLCL

    • Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood

    • Gintama

    • Hunter x Hunter [2011]

    • Naruto Shippuden (check it out on Hulu)

    • Shiki (check it out on Hulu)

    • Soul Eater(check it out on Netflix)

    • Space Brothers

    • Terror in Resonance (check it out on Hulu)

    These shows' genres runs the range of younger audiences to older audiences, current / recent / returning / oldies but goodies, comedy, action, thriller but what these shows have in common are their awesome opening and ending music!

    So click the link below, or scan the QR code, or leave your pin in this forum and I'll add you.

    I look forward meeting you future subs, thanks!


    Brand Spanking new BBMC! #Anime O&E Themes-img_20140903_190104.png
    Attached Thumbnails Brand Spanking new BBMC! #Anime O&E Themes-img_20140903_190104.png  
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    I have plenty of Japanese songs (mainly from animes) in my collection. I'll subscribe to this
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    09-03-14 11:38 PM
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    I have plenty of Japanese songs (mainly from animes) in my collection. I'll subscribe to this
    Right on Ron

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    09-04-14 12:04 AM
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    Just posted some content, check it out!

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    09-04-14 05:23 PM

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