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    Back in the days 'Made in Germany' was designed to tell people that products are bad and people should avoid buying them.
    Quite quickly it turned into a quality seal that stated that a product was special and of high quality.

    The same we have in terms of apps.

    As many of you might not know apps like

    BaSA by QtHelex or
    Polarbear, ekke's express charts, BeWeather or Talk2watch are all apps 'Made in Germany'

    To support the German Dev community they promote their apps through their channel.

    Follow them on BBM to receive updates on new apps as well as which apps are made by our German developers.

    We hope you enjoy our apps and support us :


    BlackBerry10 Apps 'Made in Germany' channel-img_20140821_165738_edit.png
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    08-21-14 02:58 AM
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    Nice, good luck with your channel!

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    08-21-14 03:14 AM
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    we just hope you guys like it
    08-21-14 03:26 AM
  4. bbschorsch's Avatar
    Currently having 218 follower next target is 300 let's see how quickly we will get close to it

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    09-29-14 01:41 AM

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