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    NEW DELHI: Smartphone maker Blackberry will introduce free voice calls on its instant messenger app over next month through an update which will also allow users to surf and create BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) channels, share content and geographical location on the go.
    Krishnadeep Baruah, senior director, channel marketing in Asia Pacific for Blackberry, told ET that the global update of the app will happen 'within a few weeks', which will put *..

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    Blackberry to start free voice calls on its instant messenger app by February - The Economic Times
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    01-24-14 10:55 PM
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    It already has free calls on BlackBerry 10, the fact it's coming to Android and iOS was already known.
    01-24-14 11:36 PM
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    Oh damm that's what happens when you post while working, I assumed when I read free voice calls, that it will be voip to cells and landlines :-) my bad thanks for pointing that out.

    01-25-14 12:17 AM

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