02-13-14 02:25 PM
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  1. PygmySurfer's Avatar
    Which features did BBM on Android and iOS gain today that BBM on BlackBerry doesnt' already have?
    02-13-14 11:53 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    10.3 is now showing on the BB World site, you can go there and force load it if you install it from the site.
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    02-13-14 11:58 AM
  3. the_game969's Avatar
    Loll stabbed in the back...ok!

    Posted via CB10
    02-13-14 12:25 PM
  4. silversmith75's Avatar
    Blackberry just loves to stab its loyal customers. They started with killing pretty legacy devices, gave away BBM to other platforms for free, while charging a fee to its own legacy customers. Eventually will take off BIS, and will force everyone to switch to BB10, despite of the heavy price they already paid to buy these legacy bolds-curves. Trust me, all Blackberry wants to do now is to catch as many users(no matter android/iOS) as they can, instead of caring about the current users.
    I can see that day when they'll release OS11(or any other 'trendy' name), and will make current bb10 customers to buy a new device for it, or will desert them.

    you try too hard.

    os11 is a trendy name? or maybe just then next number to 10.. i don't know makes sense...legacy devises can't run os10.. so stop you pitty party over there.. you wan't me to send you the whaaaabulance?
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    02-13-14 12:27 PM
  5. Jiggy1971's Avatar
    The team over at BBM just successfully stabbed my back.

    Been anxiously waiting for the BBM 10.3 updates to come out of beta and be available for OS10.2.1 official.

    Now Android users get some of the latest features before me, a blackberry 10 faithful. Hmmm.....

    Well, I hope the rumours are true that we'll eventually get it today.

    A little dramatic are you?
    02-13-14 12:30 PM
  6. shorski's Avatar
    A little dramatic are you?
    We all get like that once in a while.

    02-13-14 12:42 PM
  7. Genghis2k3's Avatar
    Just felt the cook should get the first taste of the soup before the guests.

    ...More importantly, your dramatic title doesn't work when you include the facts.
    02-13-14 01:05 PM
  8. jay64's Avatar
    geez, there must be something else of import going on in your life I hope.
    02-13-14 01:09 PM
  9. shorski's Avatar
    geez, there must be something else of import going on in your life I hope.
    You don't wanna go down that lane with me.
    We all here to catch fun and get informed, okay.

    02-13-14 01:28 PM
  10. shorski's Avatar
    Updates now available in BlackBerry world
    Downloading now.
    Been anxiously waiting for the BBM 10.3 updates-img_20140213_203212.png

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    02-13-14 01:35 PM
  11. tinochiko's Avatar
    You can force it!

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
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    02-13-14 01:36 PM
  12. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You can force it!

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    You mean just like I said? - http://forums.crackberry.com/general...ml#post9997585 lol
    02-13-14 02:04 PM
  13. privateeyes's Avatar
    BlackBerry really knows how to pi*s off the BlackBerry community. Not that I can call or video unless on wi-fi. Wait no 10.2 or 10.2.1 how about working on that too BlackBerry for your loyal fan base.

    Posted via CB10
    02-13-14 02:09 PM
  14. tinochiko's Avatar

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    02-13-14 02:14 PM
  15. Elite1's Avatar
    Okay let's close this in favour of the much more pleasantly titled:
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    02-13-14 02:25 PM
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