04-18-20 09:03 PM
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    Hi Psihokey3,

    Over 3 days of usage, I can confirm 2 problems still there.

    1) The moment pop up banner appears with a new bbm, tapping the banner opens BBM and the chat window.

    But problem here is the new message content isn’t displayed atleast for 5 minutes OR I have to repeatedly open the chat window for it to come.

    If i type a new content in this chat window the time stamp difference occurs and message content overlap occurs.

    This problem 1 was there earlier too.

    So it’s not a notification delay bug, but rather a on time data loading bug in the chat window if I can say it so.

    NOTE: When the chat history is long with stickers and images, this problem is more frequent as compared to a fresh chat history.

    2) “Connecting” word appears frequently whenever I open the app every now and then. To me it seems that they still need to reduce the time wherein the app pings the BBM server to check for new messages.

    Apart from above 2 problems, I can say 90% of messaging problem is gone.

    Oh and one more thing was that Android or iOS doesn’t have cross compatibility for accessing Subscription details.

    Hope you can pass on this feedback as it is to your BBMe developer friend.

    I’m experiencing the same issues as you described.
    04-18-20 09:03 PM
51 123

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