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    Hey y'all, I looked through and didn't see a thread for this.

    I'm new to channels, finally made one after two years.

    * I would like to see a BBMC Short cut, after two days I dislike having to hit channel to get to see mine. I don't use or join groups, so I would like the ability to swap the group icon and place my channel icon there instead. For those like me, I'd say it would make my experience better.

    * BlackBerry I need you guys to be leaders in disregard, I'd like to see an unlike button option too

    * also for individual BBM's on profile pics, I would like to see un/like options.
    Yall seen some funny/ weird / disgusting profile pics, you know you want this option too for it

    Let's keep our suggestions going

    Posted via CB10
    03-28-15 05:30 AM

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