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    So as we begin to see PayPay available to BBM users, it seems the next logical step would be to offer the same integration in Channels.

    Channels as a market place would be really interesting. I guess technically, if you wanted to share your pin right on your channel page, there'd be nothing stopping you from setting up a small business right away.

    Picture making a post about a product or service you offer. Customer wanders to your post, possibly asks some questions in the comments or via private chat. Then, BOOM Pins get swapped, details of transaction are sent securely through BBM, and then if payment is due, it can be done right away, right then and there.

    I think the only thing that's lacking right now is a store front. We can embed links on channel posts to take people to a website, but there you no longer have to use BBM to exchange money.

    Currently a person who wants to sell products, would have to create a post showcasing each product they're selling. People can get instant questions answered and reviews right from the comments section of each post. At least that's the way I see it.

    I'm interested in hearing if there have already been talks about store fronts and what people's vision of the future of BBMC is. Crowd funding, start ups, and even big business have a lot of potential here I think.

    Is there any value doing it this way? Is there any benefit over setting up a website or joining other established communities like etsy, kickstarter, indigogo?

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    10-13-15 06:41 PM

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