12-27-13 06:53 PM
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    An Update :

    If it stop working out of the sudden, and you really need BBM video, I got a trick for ya . "UAE PEOPLE"

    Get your VPN working and get a try of 30 min is enough, load your setting at network menu from blackberry settings "any vpn will provide the setting needed IP and stuff".
    Full Back up Then Remove the SIM !! and make sure you got WiFi near By .
    "Reload a software through BBLink or just download a Leak from CrackBerry (on your own risk ofcaurse but nothing goes south for me so far) .
    once it start up, Select any country UAE or Canada connect to WiFi and you can see a menu to setup VPN at that point, put the IP and stuff (don't go further unless you got all right) .
    Now press Next and it will download the country setting, but since the VPN on and no SIM, it will download the general one and not block any apps .

    Horaay your device is ready for BBM Video&Voice, now you can put your SIM and restore.

    I noticed this since I got friend with Z10 at roaming from Canada, when he switch to Etisalat/Du it is still working .

    I know it is too much to do for just that reason especially there is alot of apps out there to do video chat "Viber is Blocked FYI", but you might consider this method incase you are reloading OS by any chance .
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    12-27-13 06:53 PM
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