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    I have friend with a bb9790 and we are trying to use BBM voice. (I'm on a z10).

    They don't see the icon to start a voice call. And i don't have the option to start a voice call when opening their contact in bbm.

    They have tried to upgrade BlackBerry World and to update BBM.

    They don't remember their BlackBerry Id password and when clicking the "forgot password " link, it ends up in back at the same screen. Repeating ends up with the message that the BlackBerry id will be locked after 10 attempts.

    Any thoughts?

    Is it even possible to use BBM voice on a 9790?

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-14 06:10 PM
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    Yes it's possible. The latest version of BBM for OS7.1 can be downloaded OTA from here.

    After that, they'll need to either be on WiFi, or under settings, allow for BBM voice calls to occur on network data (if that's what they want to do and their carrier permits it.)

    I would also work on retrieving the BBID password. If that's not possible, they can reset the password here: https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/...word?i=7495831
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    04-01-14 06:41 PM

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