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    The Boss is in Switzerland and we are here in New York. Verizon is the carrier. The Boss has a Q10 and we have all flavors of the Z's.

    In BBM her icon for BBM voice is grayed out. So I'd mine when I view her profile. Also, she is telling me that she cannot send or receive BBM messages. I can confirm no "D" is displayed when I send her a BBM. She has a global plan.

    Is there a specific reason BBM is not functioning?

    Posted via CB10
    01-23-14 10:20 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Likely places to look where no BBM whatsoever:
    Check that roaming data is enabled. If necessary turn off cellular (completely) and test with only WiFi active.
    Try using WiFi instead of cellular. Try a different WiFi, some services do not allow all ports.
    If WiFi is enabled and has connected to a hotspot but not logged in for WAN access data will not pass over WiFi, but the phone may try to route via WiFi. Try turning off the WiFi and see if you can get basic BBM to work with cellular only.

    When you have established text BBM connectivity you will probably see the gray icon for BBM voice unless both ends of the connection are using WiFi. Check the checkbox for voice on cellular connection, but be aware many cellular services block BBM voice over cellular (and most other VOIP systems).
    01-23-14 12:05 PM

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