1. hoopitz's Avatar
    Regarding the article that was just posted about the BBM upgrade ... I don't get it. Is the update also to include BBM voice or is it JUST for the suggested contacts?
    02-05-14 11:50 AM
  2. SirJes's Avatar
    Nope this isn't bbm 2.0, this was a minor update to add that feature

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    02-05-14 12:06 PM
  3. hoopitz's Avatar
    Oy ... I hope that doesn't mean that 2.0 is so far off that they had to release this by itself...
    02-05-14 03:49 PM
  4. chuckkdaduck's Avatar
    That's exactly what it means. The weeks away they said has now become weeeeeeeeeeeks away

    Posted via CB10
    JeepBB likes this.
    02-05-14 04:50 PM
  5. antikorr's Avatar
    Is anyone surprised anyways? It's BlackBerry Style. They have been doing it for ages.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 03:52 AM
  6. sebstarr's Avatar
    Just lost 1 bbm friend as they were bombarded with invites after the update and were offended that the inherent privacy and business card and handshake approach of bbm was lost. I kinda agree. Don't like the scouring of contacts approach. I get it, they want to grow user base but this is why it is hard to find a consumer and prosumer balance.

    From my new z30
    02-06-14 08:16 AM
  7. thatplaybookguy's Avatar
    Be nice if they started updating our BBM.
    02-06-14 08:32 AM
  8. diogoteixeira87's Avatar
    OK, when Whatsapp adds everyone of your list without even ask, it's OK, but when BBM gives you a list of possible friends WITHOUT add them automatically, BBM is the *******. Interesting...

    Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!
    02-06-14 12:44 PM

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