1. beryfan's Avatar
    I have the latest version of legacy OS running on my 9900 and I have the latest version of BBM installed on it. My problem is that my BBM never goes past the set up page and stucks there forever only ending in a failure. Please help out

    Now for the sake of some information I'd like to mention that I use a pre-paid connection and I'm from that part of the world where BBM is offered on post-paid connections but having said that I still have access to my cellular internet the thing called GPRS and knowing that BBM can function on wifi only even if your cellular radio signals are turned off so technically I should be able to run BBM smoothly but am unable to do so either on wifi or GPRS. So is my connection hindering BBM from starting ?

    Thanks in advance
    12-03-13 03:13 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    it is all down to service books. When you installed the upgrade, and rebooted, you may have lost your service books then. even on GPRS the wifi has to have teh 4 dots of BlackBerry service to function properly.
    12-03-13 04:21 PM

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