1. midnightdoom's Avatar
    I am curious if anybody else experience spam in bbm and why. My friend keeps getting requests from things like "toko central online shop" and random pin numbers. He tried blocking but they keep coming.

    It's getting to the point he is thinking if deleting bbm from his iphone.

    *Z30 STA100-5*
    01-28-15 04:34 PM
  2. blueburk's Avatar
    hmm no spam here maby he should delete bbm reregister for another pin many someone doesent like him and is puting his pin number out there weird indeed
    01-28-15 05:48 PM
  3. midnightdoom's Avatar
    Weird indeed, been tweeting BlackBerry but they don't seem to understand what I mean. I've never experienced it in my BlackBerry so I dunno... he has iphone, wonder if there's some bug cause he doesn't hand his pin out unless he actually knows the person.
    01-28-15 08:21 PM

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