1. p_r_a_g_m_a's Avatar
    Hello. Do you know when BBM will be available in russia? Right now BlackBerry World says it's not available for this device (z30).
    06-23-14 03:18 AM
  2. eldricho's Avatar
    It should be available there
    How come you need to download it from BlackBerry World, isn't it already pre-installed? Or do you need to update?

    Posted via CB10
    06-23-14 03:58 AM
  3. p_r_a_g_m_a's Avatar
    Yes it is pre-installed and actually works but I'm unable to update (says it's not available) and there is no BBM in apple appstore and Google play market so my friends cannot install it. Thus I think it is unofficial here.
    06-23-14 06:03 AM
  4. middux's Avatar
    my friend with android said the same...when he came to europe, connected to wifi, BBM suddenly appeared in Gplay and he was able to download it (and now it works when he is in Russia, also). THis is very weird thing, actually...

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    06-23-14 06:19 AM
  5. sergey_IL's Avatar
    Canadian sanctions?"
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    06-23-14 06:33 AM
  6. Mihal Shopofolives's Avatar
    A solution to downloading and installing BBM on Android and iOS devices in Russia is fairly simple, however, might get tricky at times. For Android operated devices it is sufficient to launch and install a downloaded .apk file. I found a couple of files being uploaded on the Internet when trying to bring BBM experience to a Nexus 7. You can also ask someone from other countries to send you an .apk file, which was saved on his/her device when he/she downloaded and installed it. For iOS buddies it is necessary to change the location of their store. Might sound easy, however they will need a bank card issued by a foreign bank. At least it was a procedure, when a friend of mine was trying to change the location.

    Sorry for not being able to provide you with a solution in solving your issue with updating BBM on your Z30. The only thing which comes to my mind is contacting BlackBerry Support.

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
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    06-23-14 06:33 AM
  7. p_r_a_g_m_a's Avatar
    Thank you all. Looks like the best way to get BBM working is to migrate outta here ))
    06-23-14 06:57 AM

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