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    Time to move on to the next phase! I'm excited to see what BlackBerry has in store with continuing to build up BBM. In my opinion, they need to act soon before it's too late...

    BlackBerry needs to introduce the "Freemium" subscription based service they hinted at a while ago and beat the rest of the pack to the premium features. If the price is right, people will bite and they will gain enough users that it will actually start to grow on its own. Premium customers will be pushing BBM that much more into their social circles, even if it only gains them more basic version subscriptions, increasing user base is still always a good thing. The timing is critical and if they act fast enough, it will gain them many new users. The free version can stay exactly how it is (with the addition of advertisements in the Shop and Channels). However, it's very important to keep the main chat and contacts clean and free of ads, I strongly believe, in order to not lose any of the current users.

    Here's what I hope the is included in the roll-out of the Premium (paid) version:

    1) Video Chat across all platforms

    2) A standalone desktop version (can also use a freemium based system) Having a desktop version will make the video chat function that much more valuable and help expand their market and reach more potential customers.

    3) Allow BBIDs to support multiple devices. This feature should have happened as soon as BBM went cross platform but it's not too late. I don't want to worry about losing all of my chats and having to have to re-associate my account every time I sign in on my tablet or computer (or secondary smart phone)

    4) Offer a trial version. So crucial to get people hooked!!! And it needs to be a reasonable term - at least 30 days. People will need a bit of time to get their friends using it too and anything less than a month would not be enough, in my humble opinion.

    5) Offer different payment options; monthly, bi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Give customers an incentive to stick around a while but don't get greedy and expect everyone to sign on for an entire year right away.

    6) Push, Push, Push!!! Break the bank on advertising for once (maybe not during the Superbowl this year)!!! Advertise for BBM. Place BlackBerries in the ads and use their own commercials for product placement. Even show someone with an iPhone looking at his friend's Passport screen with a look of astonishment on her face. Put an Android in the ad, too. You spoke about app neutrality, Mr Chen... Time to own it. If they can actually get BBM out there and at the forefront again, that in itself will make people start thinking about BlackBerry again. It is after all part of the same brand.

    What do you guys think? Anything else you guys can think of that should be included? (Please try your hardest to keep "stickers" out of the conversation

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    01-27-15 01:25 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    all great ideas but I don't see BlackBerry doing any of them. I have never ever seen a PUSH from BB about ANYTHING
    01-27-15 06:32 AM
  3. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    "Timed Messages and Message Retraction features are premium features that will be available free and without restriction over the next three months. After this time, unrestricted access to these features will become part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription."


    I'm just hoping that they are really playing down the 'broader bundle of features' mentioned in there.

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    01-27-15 06:51 AM

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