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    Hi guys, I have a few bbm contacts that, despite having their profile sounds for bbm set to silent I still receive a notification sound when they send a bbm, I don't know how to disable this without setting the whole of bbm to 'no sound'

    Any help will be welcomed

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    11-07-14 08:47 AM
  2. john_v's Avatar
    If I read you right, I'm assuming that you have gone into their actual contact profile in Contacts and set it up that way?

    I know it sounds lame and simplistic, but have you tried doing a quick reboot just to see if it refreshes and updates those settings?

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    11-07-14 09:05 AM
  3. Jetty's Avatar
    Yeah I have say a dozen contacts in my BBM only 2 of which I have sounds assigned to. But with the new contacts, even if I change their sound from default to a silent tone I have saved it still chimes when a msg is received, but, this has only happened with 3 of six new contacts so I'm not sure why some are muted automatically and others can't be even if I try!!!

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    11-07-14 09:31 AM
  4. Jetty's Avatar
    Reboot and no change *shrugs

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    11-07-14 09:32 AM
  5. medic22003's Avatar
    I was having the same issue with BBM and text for awhile. Nothing I did fixed it the one day it just fixed itself. Went on like that for a couple weeks though.

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    11-07-14 09:35 AM
  6. 7christopherr's Avatar
    Ive had the same issue for many months now. Ive went thru every setting in my phone and put EVERYTHING to silent but still bbm messages vibrate and the led activates. Sometimes even the sound activates for new messages. When I attempt to set just phOne calls to vibrate all bbm msgs have sound vibration and led, whereas my friends with iphones and androids very rarely even get any notification for bbm messages. Im told 10.3.1 will fix this issue(someone who has the leak installed told me this) but when will it actually be available for my q10 or z30?

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    11-09-14 05:01 PM

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