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    I can't find this anywhere when I search for it, but when I tried BBM on my old iPhone 4s I noticed sporadically (maybe 30% of the time) messages would come in, I'd get notified, but when I go to the message in the BBM App it isn't actually there. It only shows up when the sender sends the next message, and then it comes up out of order...most recent message is the 2nd to last message on the list, rather than the last (most recent) message. This happens when I receive BBMs from Android, and Blackberry users on my iPhone.
    I also notice that when I send pics from my Blackberry (I was only on iPhone for testing) to an iPhone BBMer, they never receive the pics. Seems to work when I send to Android BBM though.
    So is it just me or is BBM for iOS stuck in the era of Blackberry OS 4 (text only)? Anyone else encounter this (as a sender or receiver) and is anyone aware of a fix (doubt it)
    In my experience, both using BBM on iOS and chatting from Blackberry to iOS BBM users, BBM is a piece of garbage. Is anyone else having these issues?
    11-10-13 12:35 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Hi! Welcome to CB!!!

    What iOS version are you on? Are you running iOS6? There have been some issues that some folks are having on iOS6.
    11-10-13 07:07 AM

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