1. sakin13's Avatar
    Seems people can send messages from iOS but cannot receive. messages sent to Blackberies go through fine ,
    hope its temporary
    01-10-14 03:49 AM
  2. mindedge's Avatar
    already reported about it in this thread http://forums.crackberry.com/general...7/#post9831668
    01-10-14 03:52 AM
  3. altaf.s's Avatar
    Bad news for blackberry
    01-10-14 03:53 AM
  4. bungaboy's Avatar
    Works fine to and from IOS and BB10 for me in Canada.
    sk8er_tor likes this.
    01-10-14 08:05 AM
  5. Captain_L's Avatar
    I'm in southern Africa I have to keep hitting resend forever till it goes out

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-14 08:56 AM
  6. joe_23's Avatar
    I can't send msgs on bbm to andriod or ios devices

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-14 09:06 AM
  7. WormB1735's Avatar
    Cannot send to IOS or Android on AT&T or Verizon!! I spent a lot of time getting my friends to use this. BlackBerry better get straight!

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-14 12:09 PM
  8. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    No problems here sending to iOS and Android from Canada to Canada and Canada to USA.
    01-10-14 12:15 PM
  9. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Cannot send messages to my friend on her iPhone. She can send to me just fine. Illinois, USA.

    Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10
    01-10-14 12:39 PM

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