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    Hi, BBM newbie here using BBM in Jakarta on my iPhone.
    - I love message retract so that I can delete my side of a conversation when I’m finished.
    - however, I don’t fully understand when and how it works
    1) If I retract a message that is a day or two old does that make a difference? Is there any time limit on how quickly after I send do I need to retract?
    2) sometimes I will try to select and retract 5 or 10 messages from a thread. Often, some messages will retract and for some I will get the response “Couldn’t retract message” Why does this happen?

    3) can a user somehow prevent a message (that has been received and read) from being retracted?

    4) if a user’s phone is off or not connected to the net and I try to retract a message I will usually get the “Couldn’t retract message” error. When the user reconnects does BBM try to retract the message then? Or have a lost the chance to retract the message because the user wasn’t connected?

    5) Any suggestions for best practices for deleting my side of a chat from the other party’s phone?

    09-30-17 04:12 AM

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