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    Howdy all!

    I work for a carrier, and I'm hosting a conference call soon here with Smartphone trainers across Western Canada. I'm always on the lookout for ways to spread the BB love in these conference calls, and I have an vague idea of what I want to accomplish in this next call, but I need help hammering out the details.

    These conference calls are supposed to have a silly "ice breaker" to get people talking so that when we get into the nitty gritty tongues are loose. And in this call I want to highlight BBMx in a neat, new way: doing some sort of BBM Group mystery game or something. What do I mean by that? Well:

    Everyone on this conference call have BBM on different phones, but are not yet sold on it. So, I want to do something within a BBM group (utilizing the lists, calendar, pictures, and whatnot) that would be fun, and really show off how awesome BBM is for collaboration. I'm thinking of doing like a BBM mystery, with pictures of a fake crime scene, calendar appointments laying out the timeframe of a crime, and having lists of clues and stuff, allowing people to chat out their theories and ideas in the chat.

    So, I'm kinda reaching out to you, the BB obsessed community to help me with this idea. Hell, if its cool enough, we might even start doing some of these as open BB groups!

    The call is April 16th, so I have two weeks to prepare.

    Can you start brainstorming with me?
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    I haven't made it. I was hoping you all could help me make it

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