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    I haven't figured out how to do the following on the PRIV (first BlackBerry powered by Android).

    1. Be able to link to BlackBerry contacts from the BBM app. For example in BlackBerry 10 you could click on the contact at the top and look at their pin , updates, other information and a place to open up that contact card. Thinking productivity here but if you are in a chat and need to turn it into a call and one of you is not on Wi-Fi then it would be great to link to that contact's mobile number.

    2. There does not seem to be integration into OK Google. My understanding is that there is an API so it will work with things like whatsapp so why not BBM? I miss having that ability to use my voice in the car to send a BBM (hands free rules here in Canada)

    3. When I use my BlackBerry calendar on the PRIV I can see my BBM group calendar events but when I try to add an event and change my account to be a BBM group they are not available . I can go to BBM and create a BBM group calendar event but it takes more steps than if I could just do it in the calendar (like on BlackBerry 10).

    4. I have contact shortcuts on my home screen but there isn't a way to have BBM be one of the ways to then connect quickly with contact whether from the link, favorites or the contact card itself.

    Yes I really liked BlackBerry 10 because of what I call flow or productivity. It isn't that these can't be worked around but I think the BlackBerry team could leverage some old code and bring some of this over to the PRIV for the loyal customer who switches to it.
    For those reading this still on BlackBerry 10 and deciding whether to make the switch don't let this stuff be a deterrent. These are just minor improvements that can be made. There is lots of BlackBerry greatness along with some more customization and of course an easy to use ecosystem (no more wondering if an app will work or relying on fantastic forum members to find work around to use the Play Store). It just all works.

    Hope the BBM team reads this and sees the value of these improvements and can work with the OS team to have them integrated.

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    04-22-16 06:11 AM
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    And BBM video

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    04-22-16 06:19 AM
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    Yep. BBM video
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    04-22-16 06:23 AM

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