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    There have been a couple of bugs and issues on BBM for iOS which remained unresolved for such a long time, that the level of frustration (in my circle of friends) made most iOS BBM users abandon BBM and go back to use WHatsapp (or whatever other messenger).

    Another issue, which I have been facing since the release of BBM for iOS (9 months ago?), is the not or improperly working restore of groups with iOS BBM users, after a device change.

    I change from my Q5 to the Z30 and back on an almost weekly basis. BBM groups will be gone after the move and need to be restored. So I tap the yellow circle (which indicates the group being offline), something pops up telling me that at least one of the other group members have to be connected to the mobile network (why?), the circle turns green, and then I wait. Although in MOST of the cases, more than one iOS user was online (I called them to make sure), no restore of the group ever happened, and the circle went back to yellow after a while. SOMETIMES, the group suddenly came back online, but I didn't know why and under which circumstances. Mostly after a day or so, after I had almost given up.

    I'm asking BB a few questions:

    1.) why is this problem still unresolved, after 9 months?
    2.) why does a group have to be "restored" at all, and why by a random other user having to go online (providing this works at all)?
    3.) why is there apparently no restore needed for groups with Android BBM users, only for iOS? The one group with Android users that I have ALWAYS goes back online after a device swap, instantly, and I don't even have to tap the yellow circle.

    Another silly design issue of BBM on iOS.
    But even worse than silly design (mistakes can happen) is the fact that nobody at BB seems to care. Of course I reported the issue in the relevant BB suport forums, more than one time, and long time ago already, but nothing ever happened. Changing devices is common nowadays, and this bug (yes, for me, it's a bug!) makes it almost impossible, if you are a user of BB phones.

    Why can't BB get BBM on iOS right?
    08-07-14 01:35 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    They have moved on the Windows users....

    It's only been about a year... give them some time.
    08-07-14 03:09 PM

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