1. Brai7's Avatar
    So after I switched from Q10 to the Passport, I noticed that one group didn't migrate to my Passport. The problem is that I am the admin of the group and others can't even add me or do anything to it.

    Other groups that I created are fine just one group. I asked my friends if they have the group and its still there and my name is there! But no pic of me and it shows + beside my name where you need to add the person.

    Is it possible that this group didn't migrate properly and stuck? I'm thinking of checking my Q10 tonight if there is something I can do.
    05-13-16 01:28 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    You can ask an admin to kick your name off, the group and re invite you.
    05-13-16 02:48 PM

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