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    First and foremost I loved the way legacy BBM saves my chat history. Nicely organized by date on my SD card via contact's pin. I lived the ability to selectively save and delete chats without having it as a "global" option as it is now.

    I have clients in my BBM and I need to save those chats. Don't really need to save the chats with my wife, kids or friends but as a result of the global "save" I have to bear with the super long chat strings.

    If there is one thing I want to see return is the old "delete this contacts chat history" as opposed to deleting all chats.

    Then there is group chat. If I accidentally end the chat, when I open it again I can no longer see the history. Therefore using the option of keeping the group chat for a week to forever is useless because whether I'm an administrator or not, the chat history is no longer viewable .

    I end a regular chat and chat history reappears just by opening that BBM contact again. Not so with groups. If I end a chat a reopen it, chat history is gone.

    But more importantly, the selective save/delete option was great. I hate this global save/delete on the latest BBM versions. I can start a new chat without seeing a long string load first and then remember our ability to click on "previous chats" and we had a nicely organized by date saved chats?

    For a company that strives to provide users with as much customization, this global save/delete and this whole non viewable group chat issue bugs me.


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    10-07-14 11:12 PM
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    I also think they stopped saving chats to user accessible files for security purposes. On bbos, any app with access to files could read your chat history.

    If you need to save an individual chat, I think "email chat" should work.
    It used to only select the last 50 line, now it adds the entire chat to a text file.
    The option should be called export chat.. but anyway, after pressing "email chat" you'll have to long press on the attachment then save it.

    I agree. I would also like to be able to clear chats and delete messages individually - with the ability to delete the messages from the other users phone (like instagram or snapchat)

    With groups, when you are not an administrator the "delete chat" button is greyed out.. you have to enter the chat and press "clear chat".. which does what you previously said you wanted the behaviour to be like for regular chats.. delete the chat history one conversation at a time.
    If you are an administrator and press "delete chat"
    Edit: seems like a bug. On the main "chats" screen, the button is called "end discussion" and performs the "clear chat" function..
    1. the chat shouldn't be cleared unless you are in the chat and press "clear chat"
    2. Regular conversations should have a "clear chat" button as well

    And yes, it would be nice to be able to save chats with options for "all/ on demand".
    Would be cool because it would let you go "off the record" and then come back on.
    Any messages send while "off the record" should delete when you close the conversation
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