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    I love using BBM & my BlackBerry so much until all my friends are sick of me & to **** me of they just make fun & keep insisting that BlackBerry is bankrupt.

    Well and I have 140 contacts on my BBM & most of them only have me on their BBM. They communicate with each other using WhatsApp or Wechat. I think where BBM failed is that it is difficult to add contacts. My friends don't add each other because they cannot find each other & it is really difficult to do so.

    WhatsApp automatically add people using phone numbers. BBM let's people find each other using email, none of my friends store contact emails on their phones. So there are no suggested contacts for them.

    I've been tricked on a daily basis by Wechat saying my friends have added me using my phone number & when I got into my Wechat, I find that I still need to add that contact. Maybe it's a good idea for BBM to match make friends & suggest them to each other.

    What do you guys think?

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    07-20-14 05:00 AM
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    I have 902 friends on my bbm contacts list and I don't see the 'BBM Failure

    BBM Failure-img_20140720_120736.png

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    07-20-14 05:08 AM
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    I have 902 friends on my bbm contacts list and I don't see the 'BBM Failure

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's because you didn't read my post.

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    07-20-14 05:34 AM

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