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    I "heart" BlackBerry but the fragmentation within the BBM platform is killing me!

    Me, a former NYC field paramedic, in a new role in another organization wanted to create an eBulletin Board Channel for the Organization . Basically, a one stop location to notify staff of office closures for snow days and the like. Guess what? Can't do it because Channels is not supported on Windows Mobile devices.

    So, BBM "video" is supported on android devices via BBM Meetings but not via regular BBM. And there is no video option for iOS devices on either regular BBM or BBM Meetings. Ugh!

    Regarding NYC and construction projects, I've heard somewhere, "New York City will be a great place to live, once they finish with it."

    Might have to make the same reference about BlackBerry's BBM platform: BBM and BBM Meetings will be a great tool for all devices, but only once they finish with it." Finish it already!

    How much longer? I hope things change mid December.

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    I'm sure there's more than a few people that share your frustrations. Road construction here in the chicago area is the same way...they always seem to be working on the same roads and never finishing them.
    11-20-14 01:24 PM
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    BlackBerry publishes a Fact Check article prematurely.

    Article reports/suggests BBM Meetings supports iOS devices as if this function is available to the general public as of 11/20/2014. The fact is that BBM Meetings is not available for download in iTunes for iOS devices.


    Fact: BBM Meetings for iOS devices is Not Available for Consumers, Enterprise Users and/or Prosumers.
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    Why not just make a BBM group? Channels is coming to windows phone soon.

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    11-28-14 01:37 PM
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    You're correct, as they have almost the same functionality.

    I was under the (false) impression that BBM Channels included the option to attach a pdf document. This is not the case as one could only add a picture file.

    I guess I'll need to wait.

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    11-28-14 06:03 PM

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