1. squaresoft_x's Avatar
    BBM 8 for BBOS is the worst update for bbm ever!
    I don't know why they have still released the BBM 8 without much fix from the beta one with that many issues.
    Don't they read all the user review from BlackBerry Messenger - BlackBerry World ??
    Or maybe they want us to move to another platform since BBM is now multiplatform? And bb10 are too expensive compares to other?

    Crackberry, kevin, adam or anyone who read this, please tell BlackBerry to fix this!! If they don't want loose more market share and fix their image on consumer.

    Thank you!!
    12-02-13 01:23 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Well this is interesting.

    On BR iTune, latest version has 12 Five Star reviews, while BBM has an overall Three Stars rating.

    Sure there are issues. But if you have read Chris Umiastowski recent blog post you'd know they consider BBM to be a priority.

    Give them time, they will get there!
    12-02-13 03:57 PM

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