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    My 13 yo son has an s3 mini, he installed BBM on Sunday and his fone, which would run for more than a day before was dying before 5pm. He doesn't have any BBM contacts so it wasn't a use issue.

    Deleting the app last night has returned the fone to normal, is this a known bug? I installed BBM on my s3 and didn't notice any battery hit, I deleted it as I had no use for it.

    He's on tmobile in the UK.

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    11-15-13 03:48 PM
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    BlackBerry just released an update for BBM with that being one of the bugs fixed.

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    11-15-13 05:00 PM
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    11-16-13 07:37 AM
  4. PFman's Avatar
    Thanks guys, will suggest he tries again.

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    11-17-13 02:19 AM
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    Thanks guys, will suggest he tries again.

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    So did the updated version good on his phone battery?

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    11-20-13 11:37 PM
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    Nope it didn't help. He still lost more battery than he could afford. So he removed it again.

    Not sure what the problem is but it remains an issue on his handset.

    He's reverted back to fb messenger as "everyone has it"

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    11-27-13 04:18 PM

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