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    Ditch that BlackBerry switch to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone (NokNok.tv)

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    04-21-14 09:29 AM
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    04-21-14 09:34 AM
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    04-21-14 09:47 AM
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    What caught my attention was the title. It was right there on the news.google.com page "Ditch that BlackBerry switch to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone".

    Months back when I heard that Blackberry may be purchased by Lenovo, I thought to myself, if that was the case, that'll be the end of my Blackberry days. Which platform would I choose then? Apple? No way. Android? Don't want to. Windows? Most probably.

    But having read this article and IF I would go over to Windows, it won't be a Nokia.

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    04-21-14 06:16 PM

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