1. andrysoe's Avatar

    Whenever I sign in to my BBM when switching to android from iOS or vice versa, more often than not it is difficult to even sign in. Ranging from blackberry ID not responding or the screen with loading circle will just stay. Everytime. Sometimes it is even device time and date is incorrect, when I know it is correct.

    Any workarounds?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-11-16 03:25 AM
  2. David Tyler's Avatar
    Any workarounds?
    My only suggestion is what I do with my two phones: I have two BlackBerry IDs and two BBMs. My Passport BBID is "David Tyler," and my Bold BBID is "David Tyler Bold."

    I know a few people who do that -- just create another ID with a phone identifier tacked on their names.

    Passport SE: All the snooty prestige of a device with a precious metal in the name at less than half the price!
    02-11-16 01:58 PM

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