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    Hey Sudoku lovers!

    My first app is available for BB10. Sleeping Panda Sudoku is a fully featured Sudoku game with hundreds of different games in various difficulties. Its currently listed on BlackBerry world for $0.99 and blows away the competition!!

    Check out some screen shots below or Click Here to Go to BlackBerry World to Download

    Don't forget to Write a Review!!

    Sleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000023.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000024.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000025.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000026.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000027.jpg
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    02-13-13 10:43 AM
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    Just a quick request for anyone that has purchased my app, can you please leave me a review on BlackBerry World to help boost me up in the search results? I'm quite far down the list.

    02-18-13 09:57 AM

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