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    Hey Sudoku lovers!

    My first app is available for BB10. Sleeping Panda Sudoku is a fully featured Sudoku game with hundreds of different games in various difficulties. Its currently listed on BlackBerry world for $0.99 and blows away the competition!! Sleeping Panda Sudoku currently awaiting Built for BlackBerry certification.

    Check out some screen shots below or Click Here to Go to BlackBerry World to Download

    Sleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000023.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000025.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000027.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000024.jpgSleeping Panda Sudoku-img_00000026.jpg
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    02-05-13 12:49 PM

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