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    I know most of the apps on here are really fancy 3D type games or have great physics engines... However sometimes it is fun to keep the brain stimulated with a good old fashion mind puzzle. Logic Puzzles (15 puzzles, 35 puzzles with premium purchase) features all original puzzles in an app specifically designed for BlackBerry 10, written in beautiful Cascades.

    - Read the clues and fill out the grid to solve the puzzle.
    - 3 Sizes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5
    - Share your progress your friends
    - Visual/Audio feedback for correct/incorrect answers

    Link: BlackBerry World - Logic Puzzles


    Also check out my other apps: BlackBerry World

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    Bumping this back up... As of late Logic Puzzles has been the number 1 or number 2 strategy game on BB10! Thanks everyone for your support.

    Recent update (v1.5.1) added support for the Q5 and Q10! And because of the recent popularity I have begun working on new puzzles. So the next update will include more Free and more Premium puzzles, should be ready in the next week or so.
    07-30-13 10:38 PM
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    ***HUGE UPDATE***
    • Logic Puzzles v2.0 brings 15 new puzzles, now there are 24 free puzzles and an additional 26 premium puzzles. So now there are 50 puzzles in all!
    • New UX, the clues are now located in the action bar for both the Z and Q phones. The clue box can be moved around freely so you can easily see your puzzle grid and clues at the same time.
    • Fancy new spin transition, may seem like a mundane change but the code behind it is really nifty so I wanted to mention it specifically in the release notes
    • Keyboard shortcuts for Q users. "Enter" to submit answer, "R" to reset grid, "C" to see the clues.
    • Option to enable/disable sound has been added to the menu (swipe from the top)
    • BBM Sharing, after level and general (swipe from top menu). So now you can let all your BBM friends know about Logic Puzzles and invite them to play too!
    • Finally, please remember to review this app on BlackBerry World and if you have any questions/comments/feedback don't hesitate to email at brianscheirerapps@gmail.com
    08-12-13 10:02 PM

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