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    After 4 years the game that I created created as part of the Ludum Dare competition and managed to be game of the year for BlackBerry, is finally available as an Android app that you can run on BB10 devices but also on the new Android based ones!!

    Free to download, “FlyCraft” challenges players to design and pilot crazy flying contraptions, and carry Herbie through the forest and skies. Herbie is the coolest male ladybug in the forest, and flies on turbine and rocket powered vehicles, because flying on your own wings is just too lame. This skill based game will keep the player engaged with its design-testflught endless gameplay loop.

    * Spend countless happy moments testing every gadget.
    * Tune every angle of your machine to create the best possible flight.
    * Unlock special thrust-items like the soda can, the propeller and the mighty rocket to unleash extra power through your flight time.
    * Features 10 unlockable gadgets (more to come soon) to use on your creations.
    * Extra free bonus gadgets are earned the more you play and the more distance you cover.
    * Leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends

    Download on Google Play: [Google Play Link]
    03-30-17 05:36 PM

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