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    I was born in the 70’s, in London, England, to a hospital cook, and a mechanic. Growing up I really didn't have the privilege to own ‘gadgets’. But, once I started to work, that was a whole other story...

    Since 95’ I've owned a mobile of some sort. Whether it be the Motorola 8000, Star Tac, NEC P4, Nokia, Ericsson PH337, (and the list could go on, I just can’t remember them all), thus the ‘gadget man’ was born! I always had to have the latest one, and know everything about it. Of course, friends and family started coming to me before buying a new mobile, or gadgets in general...

    Spring forward to 2007; nothing has changed, except I have an addiction now, and it’s only getting worst (8800 BlackBerry is about to be released on T-Mobile!). Over the years I’ve supported various devices on forums, and to top it off, I work in I.T. supporting server's, desktops, laptops, wireless, mobiles, etc, and of course, BlackBerry’s, BIS and BES (still learning my way through that)...

    I'm also now learning my way with the iPhone on Exchange, using active sync. We seem to have more and more users at work switching over. So, I guess I have to adapt on the fly

    Nonetheless, I'm NaviWilliams...
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    I have always been a gadget nut. Owning just about any gadget you could think of.....I have always enjoyed learning about them, keeping up with technology and solving technological issues for all around me. I don't keep my gadgets very long and they are always in excellent condition, so my family and friends benefit on my "leftovers" which gives me the perfect incentive to move on to the next great device!

    I have worked for Borland International and Microsoft Corp. I left Microsoft and started my own technology consulting firm in the late 90s. I enjoy helping people overcome their fear of technology, setting up their computer systems and gadgets and training/troubleshooting with them.

    I have been glued to technology for as long as it has been possible. For me, the BB has been a wonderful world. OK, yes....I admit it.....I am addicted.....however, I can't think of a better addiction

    Welcome to Crackberry! I believe in this site and find it a perfect mix of professionalism and fun!
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    My addiction to the crackberry started in 2006. A co-worker of mine had a 7290 and he never put that thing down. I asked him what it was all about, and he filled me in on all the details. I have been through several different models and I'm always looking for the newest one. I have really learned a tremendous amount about the BlackBerry devices over the yeats and I enjoy being able to help others with their questions, and of course, I'm always looking to convert as many people as possible to the CrackBerry!
    04-18-07 06:56 AM
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    Hi, My names John and I'm a Blackberry Addict

    I’ve been working in IT for the last 20+ years. Doing everything from full blown penetration tests on the wireless and wired side to basic network administration, including BES Administration. I’ve worked in the manufacturing, ISP+web hosting, .gov, and the pr0n (adult) industries. I have a full time IT job as a Systems Administrator at a large consulting/software development company, thankfully I’m the in house Sys Admin since client consulting got old with all the traveling and being away from my family. I have 2 wonderful kids, our son is the oldest and our daughter is the youngest, my wife who is a nurse and I have been married to her since 1996.

    I have been a member of this site since it's launch. I also run Welcome to Dataoutages.com which is a site dedicated to data outages either from RIM or on the carrier side that affects people's Blackberry's.

    I'm also a super moderator at NetStumbler.org WiFi Forums where you can find me handing down the heavy hand of the law against people that want to be spoonfed answers.
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    ***EDIT: Resigned as a Moderator on 8/10/07, Thanks for all your hard work getting the site going Tmag!!!***

    Well, I guess I should add my info.

    Have been on the site since the launch really. I came across the site having seen an advert and thought "great another site to feed the addiction". Only this time the addiction was greater and I felt I was spending more time at Crackberry.com than anywhere else. The rest is history and I find myself on the MOD team here, amongst the esteemed colleagues.

    My background in mobiles is none another than a techno geek, and loved having the latest phone, until the Blackberry. Since that time nearly two years ago, I have had pretty much every BB except the 8800, but that will come.

    Aside of that I spent many years as a Sports Photographer covering everything from Cycling to Olympics in some way or another. Now however since the birth of my daughter, I have been firmly rooted in Recruitment. I enjoy talking to people and so therefore I guess this site allows me that too. I still do photography as a Freelancer as I do miss taking pictures, but not the travelling.

    I am a keen cyclist and for Charity am riding London - Paris from Tommy's Charity in August 07 (3 days x 85 miles) - See Link Below

    I hope you all enjoy the site as much as the creators and also the other MODs. We have a great site here, and here's looking forward to better, bigger and brighter things.

    (Pic is from the more exciting days - you don't get that in Recruitment!)
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    Hi, my name is Trevor. I am a student and fellow crackberry user. I joined CrackBerry.com back in February shortly after it launched. Now I am going to help moderate the forums. I am a member on HowardForums & BlackBerry Forums as well. You can look for me there under the name trevor1189. I am willing to help answer questions which fall under my realm of BB knowledge and I look forward to helping out. I hope to see you all active in the forums!

    Update 8/20/08:

    As of today I have retired as forum moderator. I am leaving for college shortly and just won't have the time anymore. I will definitely be around CrackBerry still, but I don't have the time to moderate my fair share anymore and want to give someone else the chance to step up in the future when CrackBerry needs more help.

    Maybe when things calm down a little bit I will come back. ;-)

    Thanks everyone for making CrackBerry such a great site and best wishes!

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    My friends call me CC. Not chocolate-chip cookie or credit card, but plain "CC". Though there is nothing flat about being a CC.

    My BlackBerry addiction all started when a friend of mine gave me $500 for my birthday. At that time, I was sporting the Sony Clie UX50 and Sony Ericsson to access my emails, navigate my way around the City of LA and watch videos. Been eyeing the BlackBerry 7520 for awhile then, because I was just curious as to why so many people were using them. So when the opportunity finally arrived for me to own one, I just jumped right in and never looked back.

    Now, being a part of the CrackBerry Team, completes my passion for the BlackBerry(s).

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    Hey there! My name is Cate, I'm 24, born and raised in Chicago but currently reside in Southern California. At the present time, I work for a Boys & Girls Club as a Program Director. I've had my 8130 since November 2007, joined CrackBerry a month later and have been completey addicted ever since. This is an amazing site, and I'm honored to be apart of the team!

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    Hello! Everybody calls me by my nickname Garz. I have been happily married for the past ten years. I was born and raised in sunny southern California but now live in the the great city of Las Vegas, NV. I became a BB addict last September when I bought my 8820 and then stumbled across CB a few months later when I was in desperate need for help! I never realized how much a BB can actaully do until I found this site. Now I spend countless hours on CB returning the help that I learned from others.

    Glad to be part of the Crack Team!
    08-02-08 08:33 PM
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    Chaz from Ohio here. 43 years old, and I think that makes me the oldest member of the team. I bought my first Blackberry in September, 2007 - and Googled for help and found and joined CrackBerry.com in October. Everything I know about BBs, I learned here. This site has been an amazing resource for me, and hope to pay it forward as both Blackberry and CB.com continue to grow.

    08-02-08 08:35 PM
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    Howdy all, I have been into technology since the slip-stick days. Back then, packing a slide rule earned me nicknames like Rocket Scientist and Professor.

    I first became aware of Micro computers in a '75 Forbes article on Intel. It wasn't too long after that, I bought my first computer, an Altair 8800. Thing of beauty, a box of parts and instructions on soldering thousands of chip pins and connecting wires. Amazingly, it worked the first time I powered it up.

    The run up to Y2K brought a lot of work and a sizable staff to handle the work load. I pulled pager duty on New Years Eve. I had been monitoring the change over starting with the New Zealand branch, on to Hong Kong and Japan without any hint of trouble. Still, no hint of trouble through UK and the Eastern branches. Our turn came at last, when the clock finally ticked over, nothing on the pager, a total success.

    Of course, our major clients had blown their budgets on the run up, all the hardware was new and purring like a kitten.

    That, and the dot com crash of 2000 put pressure to reduce costs. The offer was too good to pass up, I retired.

    My investment advisor suggested I could tolerate some risk and pointed me to the up and coming Research In Motion stock.

    Of course, I have always kept my options open and stayed abreast of current and developing technology.

    BlackBerry didn't have much appeal back in the day, pretty pointless dedicating all the resources needed for my personal e-mail.

    Then came Pearl and Curve, BlackBerrys suitable for personal email. Much as I wanted one, the reality of using it in Canada meant paying about $6000 a year for data.

    The introduction of the 8320 with Wifi finally meant I could use one without the onerous data charges. The eBay deal was reasonable and I said yes. The same day, I registered and posted on CrackBerry.

    Today, I have taken the next step. I have a new Pearl 8120 with a data plan. Not just any plan, I have 6 Gb BIS plan (Thanks Steve) with TalkSpot (UMA). It compares favorably with the best of the unlimited plans our American friends enjoy.

    It has been quite a day, tomorrow is looking even better.

    PS, the cutie is my daughter, the apple of my eye.
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    I've been a computer gadget geek since my first programmable calculator, the TI SR52. I even bought the thermal printer! My first computer was a Heathkit Z80 kit with 16kb RAM.

    I got my first BlackBerry, a 7250, in 2005. At the time, my employer offered a choice of a 7250 or a Treo. My boss had the Treo, but the BlackBerry service was a little cheaper, so he outfitted the rest of us with 7250's. The 7250 was a workhorse. I never had a moment's trouble with it. In fact, the only time I heard the words "battery pull" was when my boss was using my 7250 to call the Help Desk to find out how to reset his Treo. They had him pull the battery.

    The down-side to the 7250 working so well was I never had a reason to Google for help. I didn't discover CrackBerry.com until March of 2008, when I had to trade in my 7250 for a Verizon 8830WE. When I discovered the GPS didn't work, I started searching and found the Forums. I joined the same day. I also joined a couple of other forums, but have never posted in them. The CrackBerry forums had everything I was looking for, and more, and was a fascinating community as well.

    I'm honored to be a part of the Mod team.

    My must-have applications are BerryWeather, Geocache Navigator, Garmin Mobile, BlackStar Navigator, and Google Maps.
    09-04-08 09:35 PM
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    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. John is always striving to learn more about the BlackBerry platform and development each and every day. He has been member of CrackBerry.com since 2007 when he acquired his first BlackBerry, and recently joining the CrackBerry Moderator Team in 2009. You will find him providing additional user end support for all BlackBerry devices on the forums as well as Android Central.

    John is also an active beta tester for Bellshare, shao-soft
    , constantly testing the latest and greatest applications to come out of the development world. John is also very active in his community as a First Responder/Fire Fighter so when he is not on the forums he is more likely running into a burning building.

    05-01-09 09:56 PM
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    Hey All,

    The name is Mike, as can be guessed from the handle. My first BB was an 8703e, which was one little workhorse of a device. I came over to CB looking for some ringtones and wallpapers, and started to read the blogs on a daily basis. It wasn't long until I had an RSS reader for CB only, and then started following the site on twitter for my fix.

    After a couple months, I ventured into the forums, and haven't looked back since. What started as innocent lurking and learning soon turned into full-blown tech support, and I started to gain relationships with other forums members which made it all the more fun. I was given the opportunity to help out as a Twitter Twelper starting last year, and moved on to blogging from there, and now modding.

    I have used (and currently still own) my 8703e, 9530, 8900, 8330, 9700, and 8530. Always available by PM, although it's faster to get ahold of me by email, which you can find in my profile. Hit me up anytime.
    03-02-10 07:07 PM
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    These fine people all retired as valued CB Moderators!!!! Lets remember them fondly! You guys are missed!!!!!!
    02-04-14 02:26 PM