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    Heres how the Forum Titles play out for CrackBerry.com:

    CrackBerry Newbie: 0 posts
    CrackBerry User: 10 posts
    CrackBerry Abuser: 100 posts
    CrackBerry Addict: 500 posts
    CrackBerry Master: 1000 posts
    CrackBerry Genius: 1500 posts
    CrackBerry Genius of Geniuses: 5000 posts

    In terms of restrictions, URLs are not allowed until you have made your first ten posts. Once you have graduated from Newbie to User, you have full permissions.

    It's not easy coming up with Forum Titles that please everyone. So if and when you hit 5,000 posts and make the "Genius of Geniuses" status you can send a note to the forum admin (sitesupport@crackberry.com) and request your own personalized user title if you'd prefer something different. Consider it a reward for not just being a BlackBerry Addict, but also a CrackBerry.com Addict!

    Please keep in mind that Post Count on the forums is a reflection of the activity of the user and not necessarily their reputation (though often the most active users are the most helpful!). We love to see members be active, but just being active for the sake of growing your post count to climb through the title ranks isn't the goal here. On the forums you can also view the stats for the number of posts that have been Liked and Thanked by users. These numbers also are a great indicator of a members helpfulness.
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