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    CrackBerry.com Forums are moderated by a dedicated group of volunteer BlackBerry Addicts!

    The moderation team, despite having full-on blackberry addictions and not being paid, still manage to find the time to pry themselves away from their BlackBerries long enough to make sure the forums run smoothly.

    The Crack Team greatly appreciates their help and time and devotion to CrackBerry.com.

    You'll be seeing their bios and pics here as we get them....

    - The Crack Team
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    Hey real name's Chris,

    I'm 27 yrs old I have a son named Blaize (hence the username) he's 4 going on 5 in the new year (seems like only yesterday I brought him home), currently work for wireless carrier doing BlackBerry/Laptop (Air Card) Tech Support and am just getting my own BlackBerry website off the ground joined up @ CrackBerry.com THE day I got my BlackBerry and seemingly haven't left the site since..lol..I'm on it at work, I'm on it at home, I'm on it on my berry if I go anywhere, only time I'm not here is when I'm asleep, which ain't much lol...I think my addicition is not only to BlackBerry but CrackBerry as well..Hmmm..

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    Greetings. Glad to be a part of the Mod team. Name is Adam, I'm 29, born and raised a Jersey boy - I have one son Tyler who is 5. I like long walks on the beach, good wine and curling up in front of the fire with a good book. I like anything that takes batteries and has buttons. I've had my BB for about 8 months and I can't believed I ever lived without one. From day one I've been on Crackberry learning everything I could to get the most out of my new toy, and I'm excited to help others out and return the favor.
    03-03-08 09:52 AM
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    Your Bio Here?!

    CrackBerry.com's moderation team is composed of dedicated BlackBerry-Addicted individuals who volunteer their time to help keep the forums running smooth.

    The team grows on a slow and steady basis as the forums dictate the necessity for an increase in help. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, the best thing to do is become an integral part of the CrackBerry.com member community.

    We look for members who are loyal (been here for a while - 6 mo. + preferably), are active posters (on the site consistently), and are helpful (post regularly in the help forums with posts that are value-added - it's not about quantity, it's about quality) and know their stuff (demonstrate excellent BB technical knowledge). Forum moderation experience is an asset too.

    If this sounds like you and you are interested, you are welcome to throw your name in the CrackBerry hat for consideration to join the mod team in the future. PM an existing mod and let them know. Ya never know, maybe your picture and bio will be here next!
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    Hello All,

    I'm 24 years old and I have a son, currently 3 years old. I currently live in New Jersey; born and raised in New York. I started with the 8700c back in 2006 and from that point on the addiction begin. I joined Crackberry.com in March of 2008 as this was the first site that came up when I googled a question (but that's nothing new). I am definitely honored to be part of the team.

    Me and my little man
    01-05-09 09:52 PM
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    Hey Folks!

    Pkcable here also known as Rich. I'm 47 and from Philadelphia. I work in IT for the City, and I LOVE computers and Blackberries. I also truly enjoy helping people. Always feel free to PM me.

    I have been an avid reader of the CB blogs for a couple years, but it wasn't until the fervor over the BB Storm that I actually joined the Forum part. I joined to talk about the Storm and BBs in general, and I found this wonderful community that I have become a part of, and that I love.

    My BB experience includes having owned a 7290, 8700c, 8703e Storm, Storm2, Bold 9650, and Bold 9930. I have also used the Pearl & Curve models. Most of my knowledge beyond what I have gained by using the devices was learned right here at CB. I have an extensive background in Forum moderation too, having moderated for MyP2P Forum, AOL, pogo.com & ATT's ImagiNation Network, among others.

    I have finally found a home though!

    UPDATE: Still a CrackBerry Moderator, but now the Moderator Team Leader and Ambassador Team Leader. Didn't get a CB company car, or keys to the executive wash room, BUT hey I got a fancy title!!!! Anyways I'm now rocking a Z10, and an HTC One. Plus I also have a PlayBook, iPad Air, and HP Envy X2 (Tablet/Laptop hybrid). I LOVE gadgets!

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    I go by Shao, I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners..... errr ok maybe wrong site for that.

    I've had a BlackBerry for about a few years now since my job supplied me my first Curve. My day job is working in IT and Im also now a BES admin. Since then I think Ive gone through every device RIM has released, so I guess you could call me an addict! After a couple years of owning a BlackBerry I took the addiction to the next level and started writing apps in my spare time. You can check out all my apps here: BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry Store

    11-03-10 07:32 PM
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    Hey guys and gals!

    Out in the world my name is Luc Bouillon and i'm a real estate broker from Barrie Ontario Canada. I've been using a Blackbery since before they were even called Blackberry's dating all the way back to the RIM 950 and I've used or owned almost every model released since. I've also been an avid reader of the Crackberry blogs since inception, and joined the forum side of things in 2008. I'm a tech junky who always has to have the latest and greatest, I've enjoyed every new Blackberry more then the last but nothing even comes close to the love I have for my Z10!

    Before becoming a Realtor, I spent the better part of 10 years managing stores for Canada's then largest wireless distribution channel. As such I have an in depth knowledge of all the platforms, and in how carriers operate. I always found Crackberry to be a fantastic resource to learn about tips & tricks, new devices and rumors for the future, and as I grew with the site I loved being able to impart my knowledge and enrich the community, so when I was asked to become an ambassador and eventually to join the Mod Staff I was thrilled to do so but I can honestly say for as much as I give to this community I continue to be surprised at what I learn from it as well.

    Through the good times and the bad, the Crackberry forums have been a community united by a platform like no other - and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

    09-06-13 12:48 PM
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    Other than Luc's bio, most of these are pretty old. HOWEVER we have updated current team bio also listed here...


    And for our new Ambassador program, their bio(s) can be found here....

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