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    Above is a quick tutorial to show you how to get help and support with the CB10 App on our desktop site. If you're using the CB10 App and need support from the app… go through the steps below!

    >> Download the CB10 App

    Getting Help from WITHIN the CB10 App

    1. Open the CB10 app and click on Forums
    [Video] Getting Help with the CB10 App-1.png

    2. Navigate to 'CrackBerry.com Site Related Talk' at the bottom of the forums listing
    [Video] Getting Help with the CB10 App-2.png

    3. Tap the 'CrackBerry Apps' forum
    [Video] Getting Help with the CB10 App-3.png

    4. Post your question by tapping 'New Thread'!
    [Video] Getting Help with the CB10 App-4.png

    That's it!
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    04-12-13 10:09 AM

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