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    Hey everyone!

    With Chanukah, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to get a glimpse into what some the CB Ambassadors and some of the mods were sporting (this would include phone type, case(if any) and any accessories for said phone.

    Golfdriver97, an Ambassador on Android Central, was my inspiration for creating this thread here. In turn, Android Central Ambassadors VDub2174, and Eclipse2K originally thought of this idea (so I refuse to take any credit for this). I just wanted to have a thread similar to the AC one for us to do as well.

    It would also be very nice for each person to do a mini critique on their device as well. Maybe use the following as guidelines (and you don't have to use every category):

    The Good
    The Neutral
    The Bad
    The Ugly

    I will start things off.

    JUST A DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS ON A DEVICE THAT I TRULY LOVE AND CHERISH, and is based on my own experiences that I've had with the device. Please don't go flaming or bashing something that you might not have experienced.

    Device Type: BlackBerry Z10, Model STL100-3
    OS Version: (This OS is a leak, not stock from my carrier!)
    Carrier:T-Mobile USA

    I upgraded to this device from a Bold 9900 back at the end of March of this year (around the time that Passover was). I had read all about this device on CB for months now, and I really wanted to upgrade.

    Here is a link (courtesy of Phonescoop) for the full spec sheet: BlackBerry Z10 (GSM) Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

    Here is my take on the phone:

    The Good First and foremost, I want to chat a bit about the size. Some phones are huge and some are small. You know the story of the 3 bears and the beds, chairs, etc. One is too big, one is too small and one is just right. For me, the Z10 is just right for the size of my hands(which aren't very big). I needed something that would fit and feel good in them.

    Also in the good category is the OS. BlackBerry 10 ROCKS. It's very smooth, very fluid and very user friendly(in my opinion). It rarely (if at all) crashes and yes.. NO BATTERY PULLS! It's also very easy to navigate. Making folders is simple also. Updating apps also. Thanks to QNX, there is no more rebooting upon installing, upgrading or uninstalling any apps.

    The screen is also very good here. It's a 4.2 inch HD screen. It's very sharp and is even pretty good in direct sunlight (from my own experiences). I find that it is very sharp and clear when I'm watching a video clip or looking at a pic or even playing a game. No complaints about the screen here.

    Next comes the hub. This is a unified inbox that holds all of your messages in one spot, and you can get to it from anywhere by doing a simple gesture. It's a really nice feature to have.

    Next is the Keyboard. It's second to none. It's predictive, it's smart and it learns how YOU type. It's an amazing experience to type on this keyboard. I use the flick-up feature, because I type one handed. If you haven't tried it yet, get your self to a carrier store and try it out. You won't be sorry

    The Camera: The rear camera is 8MP auto-focus and the front is 2MP (not auto focus). The rear can record in 1080p and the front only 720p. The pic quality on both cameras are pretty good. However in low light I've had issues (on occasion, but not always). TimeShift is also very cool, where you can go back or forward in time to get that perfect shot.

    Finally in the good category, is the look of the phone. The Z10 is a very sexy and hot looking phone. I've received complements on the look of the phone from hardcore Android and iPhone users who can't believe that BlackBerry could even design such a nice phone...so kudos to the design team at BlackBerry on a job well done.

    The Bad For some, it could be the lack of apps, but this is very rapidly coming to an end with either side loading or 10.2.1 with installing apk files directly onto the device. Since I don't have that OS version, I can't tell you anything about it.

    Next is battery life. Granted, I'm running an older version of a leaked OS..but I find that if I don't keep it plugged in, the battery life will drain pretty quickly for me..usually within 6-7 hours or so. Then again, I am a heavy user(I stream a lot of audio during the day, so maybe that has something to do with battery drainage on my end).

    For some users, Gmail syncing can be an issue.

    For most users, duplicates in the contacts can be an issue as well, but there are ways around that

    Overall: I've had this device since end of March, and so far, I really love it. It's been a great experience for me so far and I'm very happy with my decision to upgrade. I can't wait to see what the future holds in terms of devices.

    So let's hear what your devices are! Sound off below!
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    Grand post Eli,

    Personally have a number of devices, all operational.

    White Z10, not sold here locally (only black ones) STL2, always on latest OS leaked/official. In saying that, I refuse to load something with no radio or having to use a lower radio while running a higher OS. At this minute this baby is running and loving it.

    Have a HTC one X for learning how to cook an android ROM. Some of HTC stuff I don't like (sense etc).

    Wow shock horror! Went for the note 3 instead. My friends down here are challenging me to put away my z in the drawer for a month.

    I like the build quality. It is quite large but not that much bigger than the z. 3 days in, I have to admit Samsung has got it right, almost, giving this what it's got. There are still lags however. I am going to see how kitkat works out to be, but Sammy have to trim the fat off touchwiz.

    Last but not least, I still have my trusted 9900 on nothing but a BerryLicious hybrid
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    JUST A DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS ON A DEVICE THAT I TRULY LOVE AND CHERISH, and is based on my own experiences that I've had with the device. Please don't go flaming or bashing something that you might not have experienced.

    Device Type: BlackBerry Z10, Model STL100-2
    OS Version: (This OS is NOT a leak, stock from my carrier!)
    Carrier: VIVO Brasil (known Telefonica in some other parts of the planet)

    The Good: The OS itself is just great. Once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. The learning curve is as steep as you want it to be - your personal ability to adapt to new situations and tech will make or break the experience. I adapt fast, so I was ready to leave BBOS by week two. Some people will have a harder time, but there is no argument which OS is better here.

    Hardware wise, the device is a solid performer with no lag, stutters, freezes or overall issues. It does not have some of the hardware capabilities or newer devices (like FM radio or Miracast support), but for the most part, it will not disappoint you. Processor is powerful, GPU is quite good, there is enough RAM to run heavy duty games or perform critical level tasks with eight apps open at once (the OS will close apps so you can only have eight at any time).

    Did I mention I type faster on the Z10's screen than I ever did on my 9780's physical qwerty? And no, I hardly ever flick words up.

    The Neutral:Apps. It was dreadful at 10.0, but now that we have moved into 10.2.0 both quality and quantity have improved. Most the apps one can want are available and a good number of those that aren't either can be sideloaded or have a native alternative. It's far from good, but it's no longer bad.

    Some (ok many) features we loved from BBOS are not present and some others seem half baked. 10.2.1 showed that the OS is still evolving and a number fo said features will indeed make their way into BB10, but we have to keep this in mind: It's a very new OS and a starting platform/ecosystem. There will be things it can't do for a while.

    Camera quality is surprisingly good. I had a 8MP digital camera that I simply gave up after I got the Z10. YOU NEED PRACTIVE to learn how to get proper zooming and dealing with low light, but the camera will usually get the job done and preserve those memories in high def quality. That said, even with TimeShift, the software could use a lot of tweaking and compared to a Lumia, well you get the picture (1st pun of the post!).

    The Bad: Battery life is not, by a long shot, as good on previous BlackBerry devices or some of the competition. The device won't function properly on 2G - it's just not fast enough to catch up - so you gotta stick to 3G/4G which we all know drain the battery even faster. My experience has been from very good (up to 30 hours when I was still on BIS) to ok (10-16 hours) to not good at all (as few as 6 hours now that I got 4G and no BIS).

    We're heading into 10.2.1 and we still don't have proper headless apps APIs - which means no apps running in the background. That means half the useful apps can't be useful. Which in turn means no bloody reason to code them.

    As the Z10 was the first device to turn BB10, we know it will be the first device to be dropped when future versions of the OS outgrow it's hardware (or the need to push sales of new devices demand).

    The Ugly: How the media treated this device. It took far more cheap shots than it called for.

    BlackBerry Link being a subpar sequel to Desktop Manager and how that turned people away from the Z10.

    Overall: This is the middle ground device. If you want a powerhouse that can do both business and entertainment (a 60/40 scenario), the Z10 is your safe port. If you lean more to business (a 80/20 scenario), go for the Q10 - or the Q5 is you wanna safe some cash. If fun if your game (pun intended - a 40/60 scenario and on), the Z30 is where you should be.

    The Z10 is the jack of all trades. It can do pretty much everything and will do everything well without being particularly stellar on any task. I see it as the one with the least compromises: The keyboard is good even though it's a touchscreen and on quite a tiny space; The screen is big and bright even if not a 5"; The device is big without being too big for one's pockets; The battery is ok if you are not out 100% of the time - carry a charger or at least a USB cable with you.

    Addendum: It completely slipped my mind, but there is also 4G LTE connectivity! That goes into The Good for sure! I just saw a wooping 50mbps result on a test and dude, that's more than I have at home lol! Being able to do stuff faster due to the OS is great, but being able to send that stuff off as fast as with LTE is the icing on the cake!
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    JUST A DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS ON A DEVICE THAT I TRULY LOVE AND CHERISH, and is based on my own experiences that I've had with the device. Please don't go flaming or bashing something that you might not have experienced. Also keep in mind this is my honest take on it. I am not bashing, I could have an iPad if I wanted to.

    Device Type: BlackBerry PlayBook, 32GB Wi-Fi only Model
    OS Version:
    Carrier: Myself. And I do carry it everywhere...

    Here is a spec sheet for the PlayBook, via GSM Arena: BlackBerry PlayBook - Full phone specifications - GSM Arena

    The Good: Nothing beats the PlayBook when it comes to multitasking. Not even BlackBerry 10. If there is one thing the PlayBook will beat all other OS' out there for a good long while, this is it.

    Fulll HD video recording. Dudes... I did all the footage with my PlayBook. I tell you. My friend's wife ONLY likes me because of this.

    I was not asked nor required to, but I had the tablet, the power to and most importantly, the guy they hired forgot to bring the gear he needed. PlayBook+opportunity = my friends wife now likes me. Hah! Beat that! On a more technical note, given the conditions for HD filming are met (lots of light) the PlayBook can get you some truly breathtaking shots.

    Battery life is surprisingly good up to this day. I can squeeze about two days out of it if I really leave it alone in standby. I make it from 8 to midnight on most days before it complains about being fed.

    HDMI port. I won't tell you how many times I just sit on the sofa and browser the web, or watch a movie, or partake on CrackBerry live podcasts with the PlayBook plugged to my 42" TV and my phone as a remote control.

    The Neutral: BlackBerry Bridge. Being able to deal with your phone while it is in your pocket is nice. On Legacy devices, you can do pretty much everything! Which is only really that good for the dinosaur type of user. Sorry! It is true! If you're that guy that refuses to migrate to could services and is still syncing your data with MS Outlook Bridge is the best thing since sliced bread. If you have gone cloud, it matters little for you have redundant data on both devices. You get email notifications twice, calendar notifications twice... The things I really love about Bridge luckily moved over to BB10: Remote control, remote keyboard, Presenter Mode and File Access.

    Oh yeah, no matter what OS version you have, Bridge mitigates a very Ugly (see issue below) about the PlayBook.

    The Bad: Taking still pictures of this device is a nightmare. While the camera can make the most awesome full HD videos, it produces some really dreadful pictures. I will never understand this. The lack of a flash doesn't help it at all. Images are usually very washed out and grainy.

    Apps. It has some. Some are even really good. But the fact is that even with android sideloading (stuck at 2.3.3 - but it is there) the PlayBook's app collection is very small. And some of the apps available are subpar when compared to other platforms (I'm looking at you Adobe Reader - you lame excuse for poor code!).

    Outdated OS. Let's face it, EOL devices can only get so much attention for software updates. The hardware is not bad, and I bet they could push some fixes and new features if they decide to, but as it is, the PlayBook is starting to fall behind real fast.

    Weak browser. It's funny. Once the PlayBook was considered (by me specially) a powerful web access point. Now I just dread when I must depend on it to browse th web. I think because I had a 9780 then, the PlayBook's browser looked like something fantastic, but now that I have a Z10... It just manages. Most pages take twice as much to load on the PlayBook than they do on my Z10 (or any Android device I test).

    Boot time. This things takes good 3 minutes to boot. Most people be complaining at anything higher than 90 seconds. Age isn't going to help at all either: Tech decays and at some point this unit will be a royal PITA. I dread the day I'll have to go tablet shopping.

    Fact is, the PlayBook shipped with specs that looked good when it was announced but could have had bumped up when it was released. And now we know what that means software wise (BB10 for PlayBook? Anyone? ).

    The Ugly: It is the only BlackBerry product not to have BBM (you do get a crippled version of it if you use Bridge - perfect for people with NO BBM groups). You better not lose it either as BlackBerry Protect is nowhere to be found. 'nough said.

    Overall: If you have a BlackBerry to Bridge, are a diehard BB user, a collector o gadgets, then by all means, get a PlayBook. Oh, they are bastardly cheap nowadays so that may be a good excuse to buy one too. I personally can't say anyone should go for the Wi-Fi only version otherwise. If you are lucky enough to find a cheap LTE PlayBook (and your carrier is compatible with the frequencies) then yeah, it has a faster processor that makes up for some of the outdated issues such as the browser.

    It's a good device that will get you there if you have the patience to properly train it to do what you need (finding all the native, sideloaded and web apps that you need). There are plenty of compromises but if you can get all you want to work and you need all that running at once, this is your device.
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    Hey guys!
    I'm the Rambling Queen to tell you about the device I have.
    I have owned several BBs.:
    My pink Curve 8330 (which is a workhorse and still works to this day!) I tried to kill it many times by dropping etc, but like a Timex: it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

    Then I got the sleek Bold 9650!!! Love at first sight! Everything was so much better on it!!!
    The third device I had was the Bold 9930. I loved the touch screen and keyboard combo. Never thought I could go without a physical kb.

    Then I got my Z10 in white from VZW. And I know now I will never go back to a physical keyboard. I can't believe how easily I have adapted to the glass keyboard! The smoothness of the OS and the fact that I can add all the apps I want with the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and 1Mobile has me very excited.

    Personally, BlackBerry had me at BBM. Enuf said!
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    Alright, I believe I'll open the dance with my Z30 I sport now for ... a month+.

    The Good
    All pointed out in original specs. What is really good is that they do match what was announced.

    - Battery : is there a battery here or is it a nuke ? I've never been out of battery since I got it. Just never.
    Up to two full days with moderate+ usage, say 18 hours on medium/high usage. Easy.
    - Sound: best in class, I heard some other devices can match, yet score it very high.
    - Screen: it takes a while to get used to OLED V.S LCD (my Z10 screen is so brilliant) but once you set your settings correctly (remember : battery drain is not a real problem) and choose the proper wallpaper (changes a lot the perception IMHO; go to gray, you'll get it) it still deserves to be listed in the good section. Last but not least: fingerprints are low and a simple wipe with almost any fabric or tissue will clean them easily.
    - Form factor: of course, my big hands and weak eyes adore the form factor. 4"8 is perfect for me.
    - Keyboard : definitely vanished my former unconditional love for physical keyboard. Never had this feeling with any other touch keyboard (even Z10). I type mostly with two thumbs (portrait mode) and can afford long typings without tension or tiredness.
    - Fixed battery : hehe I know you're thinking "what? Seriously ???". Let me tell you: it's brilliant. Because the weight balance is really great, because my back cover doesn't need anything I could scratch, because SIM and SD are now hot plug, because I have no damaged pins/contacts risk but moreover ... because I don't need to handle a spare battery !
    - Overall build quality : you know you hold a tough guy. It's not a blinking thing. Once in your hands, the weight balance is perfect, in both orientations. The "metal" bezel is sweeter than Z10's and offers a large space to start swiping like hell. Back door is non-skid and does not provoke sweat.
    - FM radio ! Holly cow, I had to read over to remember that Guess what I got when tuning on my fav' radio station (FR - Radio Nova) : Curtis Mayfields' ... Superfly . Can't beat that !
    - Camera: I know most instagram users will pretend they're photographers. I'm not. I use my device to snap moments I want to remember and share with ease. The Z30 camera, both for photos and video, does it perfectly well. HDMI port and DLNA (10.1) or Miracast (10.2) are your friends here to display bright pictures over multimedia devices. Occasionally you take your time and practice and then you can even get some pretty good photos, here's one sample of the trillion-ish sun set (HDR mode - "do not burn the whites").
    [Holiday Guide] A Glimpse into Ambassador's Devices-img_00000961_hdr.jpg

    The Neutral
    Maybe the weight. Like I said, it's a tough guy. Can't climb Everest in slaps !

    The Bad
    I've heard it comes in several locations with a 850 Mah charger.
    By luck, mine came from Expansys (UK) with a EU non-stock 2A charger. Just grab it on day one and look at your gauge rising to heaven. It worse the few extra $, anytime.

    The Ugly
    Here comes my rant. Big time.
    Since I sport my Z30, my average daily usage has raised something like 60%.
    It's almost sticked to my hand.
    I look at it all the time.
    ... and now, I must deal with my wife ... hard times !

    In my opinion and for my usage, this is the best device I've ever had and the first concrete demonstration (with 10.2.1) of the BlackBerry 10 experience. Can't write I love it ... only because it's a thing, not a human or a "personal extension".

    The "beta" carbonite pocket.
    I hate to capture my device into plastic; can't bring myself to use those permanent design and weight balance breakers. Even at risk.
    But I do use pocket/pouch occasionally. And then, I want them to do the job. A real protection against most risks.
    This carbonite pocket does it, I like the "notch" when inserting it and the ease to pull your device out.
    Sure it's a bulk model and needs some extra design as a logo on the back and/or a more sexy (silver?) BlackBerry writing on the front.
    But I use it, frequently now.

    That's it.

    P.S: There's no disclaimer of any kind here. That's my Zed and while it is in my hand, not yours ...
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    Does anyone else wish to showcase their device here?
    11-26-13 11:53 AM
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    Hey all!

    I have also owned several different BBs. I'm currently carrying a 9850. This was my first all touch screen phone. I was a little skeptic at first. But after a day of using it I can't see every going back! I also have a PlayBook. I use it almost everyday. I love how I can Bridge it with my phone and don't have to buy a new data plan just for it.

    The one thing I don't like about the 9850 is it's not a BB10! I'm looking at next before that will happen.
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    Oh wow....OK....I've got three devices that I'm running concurrently, so....

    iPhone 5
    The Good - most dependable kit I've got. It's my workhorse. It's on, never fails, never gives me any grief, never reboots. Stellar build quality, feels perfect in hand. Perfectly synced with my Honda CR-V. Very high quality apps, excellent support. Excellent battery life routinely gets me through the entire work day with enough to spare to plug back into the car for the commute home.
    The Neutral -
    The Bad - none
    The Ugly - none
    Overall - my favourite device at the moment.

    The Good - My most "mine" device in the sense that it is configured exactly how I want it. Highly customisable. Fun to use because of the availability of live wallpapers. Huge ecosystem means that every app I want is there.
    Neutral - Build quality is nice but not as nice as the iPhone.
    The Bad - Higher incidence of malware means that I need to be more careful of apps I use.
    The Ugly - Battery life not as good as the iPhone.
    Overall - Very nice phone with great opportunity to find the means to do exactly what I want to do.

    The Good - Gorgeous OS. Phenomenal world class keyboard, unmatched.
    The Neutral - Build quality is nice, phone feels nice in hand.
    The Bad - OS highly undependable. Email accounts dropped, reboots.
    The Ugly - Dearth of native apps or Android ports. I will not go to 1mobile of any dodgy sites to load APKs on my device. That leaves me with the least amount of the apps I want on my device. Additionally, abysmal battery life.
    Overall - Great promise, mostly unrealised.
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    I'll chime in!

    For years I always rocked a BlackBerry and some other device - let that be an Android or iPhone - something always went along side the BlackBerry. OS 7 and earlier devices were (and still are) messaging powerhouses - but they all lacked in media, app, and overall FUN support. I could hammer out emails on the BlackBerry -- but what would I do when I wanted to play Coin Dozer?! Then BlackBerry 10 came to town. In the earlier months of it's release I still found myself carrying other devices around in tow - but things have changed - for the better!

    Today I have a Moto X, Galaxy S4, HTC One, and iPhone 4S - and they're all collecting dust in my desk drawer - my Q10 is my daily driver now and I couldn't be happier.

    The good It's the small things that count for me, as you'll see in this list:

    Camera - I take photos of everything, and I take darn good photos of everything. I'm crazy about making sure the horizon of the shot is level - the exposure is perfect - the proper subjects are in focus - the colors are right. The BlackBerry camera gives me control over all of this. I can make sure the horizon is level by turning on the 3X3 grid, I keep the exposure and focus in check by dragging the crosshairs to the right areas of the viewfinder, and I keep the colors in check using the built in scenes. This camera is a WIN.

    Keyboard - At the end of the day this IS a communication tool for me before anything else. The ability to hammer out emails without any hesitation (and most times without looking at the keyboard) is huge for me. I run my own business and work for several other on the side - so the emails, text messages, and BBMs I go through in a day makes me thankful I have an amazing physical keyboard every day.

    Battery - Running the latest OS 10.2.1 I can get a solid 24 hours of basic usage - but for those days where I'm listening to streaming radio non-stop, responding to emails every 5 minutes, and on calls every few hours - the ability to swap out batteries is just one more thing that keeps me loving this phone. I feel unprotected using a phone that won't let me swap a battery - you get a weird sinking feeling when you're at work late into the night and your phone is at 3%. You can't make plans to meet with the guys for a drink after work. Where's the fun in that!?

    Android Player - I feel the app gap has been filled with the latest OS 10.2.1 (which lets people install Android APK files natively). I don't run a terrible amount of apps - but I do have a few key ones that make my day to day life easier. Being a tech savvy person I find the process of sourcing, loading, and using Android apps is as easy as putting on socks. People like my parents though need a bit of direction. This is a strong feature if you know how to utilize it. If not - well - I've been able to point people to various threads on CrackBerry and they've been all set.

    The apps I run these days: SiriusXM, Netflix, Google Voice, PC Plus (grocery loyalty), RBC Banking, SoundHound, SoundCloud, Skype, Scanner Radio, Twitter, and Facebook.

    The bad .. and this really depends on the user:
    - If you're a heavy visual entertainment consumer, such as watching Netflix or YouTube on your phone, you might find the Q10's screen is a little small. I personally don't mind this.
    - You'll become a mobile office on the go. Okay, maybe that's not a bad thing.

    This device is the perfect combo of mobile worker meets entertainment lover. It keeps me easily connected with my office, family, and social networks. At the end of the day I can cool down by playing a round of Angry Birds or Bad Piggies (both native BlackBerry 10 apps, I might add!). Oh - and I'm selling a Moto X, if anyone's curious.
    11-28-13 11:04 PM
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    I will throw some quick comments in here from my perspective.

    Device Type: BlackBerry Z10 LE, Model STL100-3
    OS Version: 10.2.1

    Good - BB has done a good job for hardware as its very solid. The BB10 experience is good and HUB is a nice feature.

    Neutral - Battery life is OK but not great. My N5 out performs it 9/10 days I would say. I can get thru a normal day BUT the battery drains like crazy under more than average use. The screen is vibrant and crisp. Camera is adequate but suffers on occasion getting anything decent.

    Bad - Customization is something that BB used to be great at. I loved using themes. BB10 has none of that. I cant even use a wallpaper switched without it taking 1/8 slots. Compatibility with some carriers is also a downside. APN settings are not available to change for many of the OS that I have tried. Some SIMS need to be set up and this is a no go.

    Ugly - App situation is obviously the worst part of the BB10 experience for many. I dont want to rely on android apps. I have a nexus 5 for that. I might as well sell the Z10 if they keep going the android route.

    Device Type: Nexus 5
    OS Version: 4.4
    Carrier: Straight Talk

    Good - Screen is fantastic. Build is very good on it as well. Device is still small for having a 5 inch screen. Android 4.4 is a great leap forward. Price is obviously a huge selling point of the phone. Great dev community with roms, apps, etc

    Neutral - Battery isnt stellar but still better than my Z. I get 4-5 hours screen on time which is plenty for me. The speaker is somewhat low volume but it appears its a software issue that google will have fixed in an update. Camera is a little better than my Z10 but not by much in my experience.

    Bad/Ugly - There isnt anything I would say is bad or horrible about the device.

    Device Type: Lumia 521

    Good - Price is fantastic. You cant beat under 100 off contract for a smartphone. MS backing assures they wont give up anytime soon.

    Neutral - Battery life is OK, about the same as my Z maybe a little less. Screen is decent but low res compared to other devices but for the price its ok. Windows Phone OS is also OK. Its not as polished as iOS or Android and lacks some features even compared to bb10. Build quality is decent but not on par with higher line of Nokias. It has some customization with the tiles but not much.

    Bad/Ugly - App situation is a small notch above BB10 Native development

    Overall BB10 is great but still just isnt what I was hoping for yet. I want more native development. They are getting there as can be seen by the improvements in 10.2.1 with the changes in the drop down settings. Headless apps are FINALLY starting to come but its slow and I think BB made this much more complicated than it needed to be. Android player is obviously becoming more of a "selling" point.
    11-29-13 12:02 AM
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    Someone around here made the mistake of asking me about my favorite device, so here we go...

    My device: BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3
    OS: (latest leak at time of this posting)
    Carrier: Telus

    The Good:
    • The Hub! This little gem of a feature makes every other device I pick up feel somewhat dated. And with the 10.2.1 improvements, it’s only gotten better since it’s now customized the way I want it.
    • Thumbs up! I accomplish a lot with a single thumb, thanks to the smooth and sexy, gesture-based operation.
    • Two thumbs up! Add that second thumb, start typing and the ingenious keyboard seems to know what I want to say – sometimes expressing my intent better than I do. The prediction is awesome.
    • Time Shift camera mode. Have kids? Then you know how difficult it can be to get a decent smile from them. This does the trick.
    • Remote file access. I was a big cloud storage user until BB 10 gave me the means to natively access my home network from my Z. Now the cloud is just for items I need to share.

    The Bad Not-so-good:
    • Battery. I’m a heavy user, start early and can rarely get through the day without a top-up around the dinner hour.
    • Design. The Z10 is super functional, but it’s a bit bland.
    • Camera? Other than the Time Shift feature, I find the camera adequate, but a little disappointing.

    My first hands-on experience with the Z10 was at a little CrackBerry event in Toronto, just after the BlackBerry 10 launch event. I liked the size of the device and feel of BB10 right away but yearned for the Q10 to replace my workhorse 9900. I picked up the Z10 as soon as it became available, with the intent of replacing it when the Q10 arrived. A couple of months later, enter the Q. I found myself reluctant to give up the Z10 screen real estate and that I had become fully accustomed to the virtual keyboard, so no Q for me. Each OS upgrade has made me love my Z even more. It became a little battered after an unfortunate episode when it took a flyer as I swatted a bee away from my face, but the Ghost Armor black carbon fibre skin added then has actually made me love my device more.

    BB10 has made my "off" time more enjoyable, as well. I scan about 400 articles a day from a variety of sites (including CB) via TTS feeds on gNewsReader. I carry a selection of TV episodes and movies, as well as a healthy chunk of my music collection on the handy 64GB mSD card. Sometimes I even get the chance to entertain myself and others with them. I usually have a mini HDMI cable with me, and will often hook up to a friend's TV or monitor to show something — unless I can show (off) via DLNA!

    For the record, my second best mobile buddy is my 32GB WiFi Playbook that I picked up almost at launch. Once I was able to get my hands on the keyboard case, and drawing on my mobile hot spot, it practically replaced my laptop for casual business use. It's light and compact to carry, yet covers my needs for taking notes at meetings, doing demonstrations, and word documents/spreadsheets.

    I've been flirting with switching to the Z30, but the size just doesn't seem to suit me as well. But the battery life and extra screen area are definitely appealing. Maybe for Christmas... Are you reading this, my beloved wife?

    (Written on my overworked Z10 in a hospital waiting room.)
    Last edited by Elessar.cm; 11-29-13 at 06:42 AM.
    11-29-13 12:49 AM
  13. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    I'll chime in :-)

    Current Device: Z30STA100-5/
    Carrier: Bell Mobility

    I work for a subsidiary of Bell, and have multiple personal lines for me and my family. Our upgrade cycles just happened to let me spend time on all the BB10 family this year (except for the Q5). Without a doubt, the Z30 is the best BB10 experience. It feels wonderful and performs very well.

    Much as I liked the physical keyboard on the Q10, I actually found I was missing the virtual keyboard on the Zs. I'm also convinced that flick typing makes me faster than I was on the Q. To be fair, I miss the Q's Instant Actions and keyboard shortcuts in apps. But not enough to make me want to go back.

    I'm a bit of a case hoarder, and for my Z30 I find I'm using the leather Flip Cover the most. It makes my phone feel like a very expensive little black leather notebook. I also have the Carbonite case, and like its light-but-rugged construction. I've had the BB-branded leather holster for all my BlackBerry phones (this is now my 6th), but I have issues with the OEM holster for the Z30; the phone is long and heavy enough that it won't stay oriented horizontally on my belt.

    I. Love. This. Phone.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-04-13 03:41 AM
  14. Eli_B's Avatar
    Thank you to all of the Ambassadors and Mods who have participated in helping make this guide a success.

    You all have my gratitude
    12-04-13 01:51 PM

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