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    With all the posting that goes on in the CrackBerry forums these days, there has got to be an easy way to manage your conversations. And lucky for you....THERE IS! Just use the forum buttons on your profile page and you will have easy access to everything!

    Here is a look at those buttons:


    The ones you will be using depend on your posting habits. I like to visit the same threads everyday to catch up on what is happening there, so I have subscribed to them. Therefore, I click the SUBSCRIBED button first. When I do, this is what I see:


    This lists all the threads you are subscribed to and is easy access for you to continue posting in them.
    Another useful forum button is the PARTICIPATED button. It lists all the thread to which you have submitted a post. In my case, since I am an Ambassador and answer a LOT of posts, the list is long. I have maybe 5 screens of participated threads.

    This makes it super easy to return to a thread where you posted and want to see who has responded to your post or to see what is happening in general.

    This button filters out all the NEWEST posts that have been made today. Want to know what is fresh and happening right now? Click the TODAY'S POSTS button!
    This is what it looks like:

    Another useful button is the HOT THIS WEEK button. This button shows you all the new threads that were created over the past 7 days.


    Another important button in the Forums header is the UNANSWERED THREADS button. Here you can see all the new threads opened by members looking for help and guidance. If you are an experienced user, know a lot about one device or are a BES user or admin, think you might have some information for a fellow member, or just want to join in the conversation, be sure to check out these Unanswered threads. Look at the screen shot below and click on the title that is circled in red.

    Another way to get to the UNANSWERED THREADS is right from the Sub Forums list. See where to click (circled in red):

    There are other shortcut buttons, too! TRENDING NOW is a listing of the current threads with the most action. If you want to see what is on the minds of your fellow Crackberrians, peruse that list and click on any link to see what's hopping in the threads!

    There are many ways to navigate CB! No leaving bread crumbs here....just click on the buttons and you can read and post in any threads you would like.
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    Thanks for the tips!!!!!
    10-15-13 01:45 PM

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