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    So you wanna keep an eye on CrackBerry but are away from your desktop. No problem if you have the CB10 app. With the app you can read the blog, post in the forums, upload pictures, get help, shop, and feed your gaming addiction.

    The CB10 app is currently (we hope) undergoing some changes so some of this info will have to change when that app arrives. For now, download the app from HERE.

    DISCLAIMER: This app works with the Z10, Q10 and Q5. It may not be working well with the Z30, or with certain 10.2 and 10.2.1 leaks as of right now. We will be updating this post with the Z30 information as soon as the app is updated. Stay tuned!!!

    Now on to the app:
    When you open the app, you will land at the Home page which is the CB Blog like this:

    Of course, you may flick through the stories on the home Blag and read them. When finished with that, you can tap on the CB Home button in the bottom left corner and go to the navigation menu. It looks like this:

    As you can see, I have about 399 different stories from the blog that I can read! Hmmmm, I've been a little lax there. Well my favorite part of the site is yet to come, so hold on. If you continue tapping on menu items, you can go to the Editorials, the News, Reviews, Help, Apps, and even the Store....all from this one menu!

    My favorite part of the app is the choice for the Forums (where the real news and rumors are! *wink wink*) I don't want to have to tap on the home button each time, so I will change my settings so that my app automatically opens to the Forums. Like this:

    Of course, I change the Home choice to Forums. Close the app and open again. Voila! It opens to the Forums!
    The Forums list looks like this:

    So at this point you can drill down these By Categories or choose ByName, where you can choose from an alphabetical list of all the forums.At the bottom of the screen is a very useful button to tap: Participated.

    Participated are any threads in which you have posted a reply. If you want to check the progress of the threads, click here and you will see a list. My personal favorite though, is found when you tap the overflow button (the three little dots one on top of another). This is what you see:

    I like this view the best because as I have showed you before, your SUBSCRIBED threads are listed here. These are the ones I really want to get to in a hurry. When you open a thread on the list, it looks like this:

    I have brought up the side menu by tapping on a post and holding there until the menu pops up. From this menu you may do the following (from the top of the list to the bottom): View Profile (of the poster), Reply, Reply with Quote (has the little dots in it), Thanks (thumbs up), Like (heart), Report (in case of inappropriate content), Share via Social Connections, And lastly Share via Email (in which you may send the post emailed to someone.)

    That's a lot that can be done when you are tapping and holding on any one post! Here I tapped on the Reply icon and it brings up a text box, into which I typed a message. Next to tap POST and it gets posted to the thread. Like this below:

    So there's one more screen I can show you.

    When you are in a thread and hit the overflow buttons (the three dots on top of one another) it actually says MORE int he app, you see this menu. From here you can navigate to the previous page of the thread, reply from here, unsubscribe if you are subscribed already (as I am, hence why UNSUBSCRIBED appears), and do a number of other things. You can open a link in the browser, or copy the url for pasting in another browser or email. I like the REFRESH menu item at the bottom since I can stay in the thread and hit REFRESH and find the latest posts.

    Now suppose you want to post a screen shot in the forums? Here is a series of screen shots for posting a photo in the thread. First navigate to the thread and hit the reply button as shown:

    Next you will see a screen like this with the keyboard up (it thinks you want to type!) But hit the word REPLY at the top as shown.

    Once you do that, the keyboard drops out of sight and you are able to see ATTACH and a paperclip. This is where you need to tap next.

    Next step is to navigate to a picture or screen shot from your file manager. You can navigate through your pictures till you tap one. When you do, your phone jumps to this screen and you will see the underlined words. This is the picture being attached. Once that's done, just tap POST up in the corner.

    The finished product looks like this in the CB10 app:

    So there you have it, the CB10 app as it stands right now. We believe another version is on the stove and as soon as it is ready to be sevred, we will update this thread to show those changes!!!

    Happy posting!
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    Great guide! Will be a big help to many!
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