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    Step 1 - Log into Mobile Nations. This option is found on the upper right side of any page within the forums. Click "log in," enter your Mobile Nations credentials, and click "sign in."

    Step 2 - Locate relevant sub forum. These can be found along the left side of the forums home page. Finding the sub forum that most specifically relates to your topic will help get answers quickly.

    Step 3 - Click the "Post New Thread" button.

    Step 4 - Enter a descriptive title. Don't just use "Help" or "Question" as your post title. You will find that topic suggestions will appear underneath the title as you type. If you see something that matches your inquiry, read through that topic and see if it addresses your specific topic.

    Step 5 - Enter post content. This is where you be as descriptive with your topic as possible. If you have an issue that needs troubleshooting, covering as much as you can will get you the best answers.

    Step 6 - Additional options. Below the text box you can find additional options for your topic, such as adding attachments, adding a poll, subscribing to the topic so you get alerted when you receive a reply, and formatting options.

    Step 7 - Submit or preview thread. If you would like to see how your post will look once submitted, click the "preview thread" button. If you are certain that everything is how you want it, you can click the "submit new thread" button.

    Now your thread is open for business!
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    An added note. We know that there will be mistakes that can happen when a member posts a title. Auto correct can be real tricky and give us things we don't want in them. Folks, if you make a mistake that needs a fix, please hit the report button (triangle) and report your issue, we'll be happy to help you get it fixed! Thanks!

    Nice write up!
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