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    From time to time you might come across another forum member who really grinds your gears..

    You COULD shout profanities at them, and WRITE POSTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ABOUT HOW YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM! But in the end that really just serves to derail the thread further, and eventually a Mod is going to come in and probably give you both an infraction.

    The better option is to use the forums ignore feature.

    When you ignore another member you will no longer see that members posts, that member will not be able to post in threads that you create and they will not be able to PM you through the site. The PM block also works both ways, if they can't message you, you can't message them.

    They CAN however still email you directly of course if they have your personal email address, and they will still see your posts in the forums unless they ignore you as well. You will also still see their posts if another member (one you are not ignoring) quotes them.

    So how does one block another member?

    From a forum post, click on the members username.. I don`t think anybody wants to hear what this Kevin guy has to say, whoever he is.. so lets use him as an example.

    [Pause for laughs]

    Next click on Forums Profile

    Here, from the left tab; you will see the option to "Add to Ignore List"

    You will then be asked to confirm you really want to block the user (don't worry, this can still be reversed later)

    And then you'll receive a confirmation the user has been added to your ignore list

    From then on, whenever you are browsing through the forums and come across one of that users posts, you will see this message instead

    And if you ever decide to end the feud and unblock the user you can click "Remove user from ignore list" on one of their hidden posts or if you aren't sure if they've been posting and want to send them a PM you can search for their profile page and follow this guide again this time clicking "Remove from ignore List"

    So follow these quick and easy steps to keep your threads clean and lower your blood pressure a little without getting yourself onto crackberry terrorism watch lists!
    06-24-13 12:38 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    P.S. Sorry Kevin, you know I love ya man, I couldn't humiliate one of our members for the screens, but I figured you could take it. LOL!
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    06-24-13 01:13 PM
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    Stickied & Locked!
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    06-24-13 01:21 PM
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    Nicely presented with a humorous touch!
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    06-24-13 01:51 PM

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