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    Avatars. Images that are displayed as your profile pic here and any other forum, message and social apps you are part of.
    Could be an image of anything you like (as long it's appropriate)..I love changing mine up constantly, others like to keep their favorite one. Whatever you choose to do, avatars can be fun and a part of your personality.

    Want to know how to change yours up here on CrackBerry? Well let me show and tell you how

    Step 1. Log In.

    Step 2. Go to your account as shown here:
    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-1.jpg

    Step 3. Click on your name and a menu will pop down. Click on your account.

    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-2.jpg

    Step 4. At this screen, your current avatar will show on the right. Under it will be change avatar. Click that

    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-3.jpg

    Step 5. Here you will be able to drag and drop an image from your laptop or pc, or simply click on upload. Please note that images that are 500x500 work the best.

    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-4.png

    Step 6. You will also be able to see a gallery of all the images you already have and can select any one of these.

    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-5.png

    Step 7. Click on save changes and you're done!

    [Guide] How to change your avatar-how-avatar-6.png

    Now, just hit your back button on your browser to take you back to the forums and refresh the page. Your new avatar will be proudly displayed!

    Enjoy and have fun!
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    Excellent work!
    08-28-13 12:14 AM

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