1. Goldboot02's Avatar
    I've been here since 2009 and I've never had issues with anyone. But when you cross that line and get personal , especially after what I've been through this week.....and regardless what I've been through this week....you crossed that line and got personal with family.....all bets are off.......I'm sorry......
    I know what you mean bruh and don't blame you one bit. I'm the same way.
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    07-12-15 07:31 PM
  2. Incognito31two's Avatar
    Watching my son sleep while I lay on the bed.

    That thing is hideous!
    07-12-15 07:51 PM
  3. Carjackd's Avatar

    Posted via my Canadian Passport
    07-12-15 07:59 PM
  4. fishlove73's Avatar
    Chillin' after fixing the kids car
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    Wow, nice! I think I saw an earlier post of what that left headlight looked like before. Nice work!

    Flying Spaghetti Monster running
    07-13-15 01:51 AM
  5. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Going to sleep

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    07-13-15 01:56 AM
  6. tli2000's Avatar
    Trying to not scratch my chigger bites

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 02:28 AM
  7. mrlahjr's Avatar

    Posted via CB.10 on my  Z10
    07-13-15 03:52 AM
  8. EmaliMcrtny's Avatar
    Cooking dinner...

    ๓  p姧př
    07-13-15 05:03 AM
  9. Mausje75's Avatar
    What are you doing right now ?-poop-.jpg

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    07-13-15 05:25 AM
  10. MB64's Avatar
    Getting ready for a week up in Jacksonville
    07-13-15 05:53 AM
  11. macklearn's Avatar
    That must be boring.....Attachment 362171
    yeh boring of course! Unlimited play.
    07-13-15 07:02 AM
  12. BB fan forever's Avatar

    Posted with my Z10 and future Classic
    07-13-15 10:23 AM
  13. Matty's Avatar
    Watching Ellen

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
    07-13-15 10:26 AM
  14. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Starting my day.

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    07-13-15 10:37 AM
  15. tli2000's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 10:58 AM
  16. Mausje75's Avatar
    After dinner coffee

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    07-13-15 12:05 PM
  17. Soapm's Avatar
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    Posted via my awesome Classic
    Just something about a good think that makes the problems of the day seem solvable...
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    07-13-15 12:06 PM
  18. MB64's Avatar
    Lunch at Cracker Barrel
    07-13-15 12:38 PM
  19. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Eating a Jamaican Beef Pattie

    Posted via CB.10 on my  Z10
    07-13-15 04:00 PM
  20. tli2000's Avatar
    Break time. Just relaxing for a few minutes
    07-13-15 06:18 PM
  21. MB64's Avatar
    Dinner at an Italian Restaurant
    07-13-15 06:45 PM
  22. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Drinking a beer.

    Posted via CB.10 on my  Z10
    07-13-15 11:45 PM
  23. Zeridialous's Avatar
    Listening to music on Spotify.
    07-13-15 11:50 PM
  24. Matty's Avatar
    Taking my tea/coffee break after completing Question 1 of my assignment. That was a good 10 minutes. Need a 1 hour break to recover lol

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
    07-14-15 04:40 AM
  25. MB64's Avatar
    07-14-15 09:06 AM
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