12-25-17 04:07 PM
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  1. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I will, just give me a minute to finish this donut.

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    10-29-13 08:57 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    That's great. Can't wait to start. Bet it takes us 10 minutes.
    10-29-13 09:00 AM
  3. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I'll be pacing quicker than that. Is this a run or a walk?

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    10-29-13 09:03 AM
  4. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Run of course. It's way easier.
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    10-29-13 09:05 AM
  5. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I am thrilled to have a presentation to plan this week.
    10-29-13 09:19 AM
  6. shaleem's Avatar
    I am so glad to have to work every day.

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    10-29-13 01:13 PM
  7. jaydee5799's Avatar
    was so sorry I had to leave work to go to lunch!
    10-29-13 01:15 PM
  8. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    I wish I had another history class as opposed to this study hall.

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    10-29-13 01:33 PM
  9. Anilu7's Avatar
    I love having one client interrupt the other.
    10-29-13 01:59 PM
  10. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Went to Target and spent only $1.
    10-29-13 02:07 PM
  11. jaydee5799's Avatar
    So sad I get to go home shortly

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    10-29-13 02:13 PM
  12. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    Just finished 150 miles on the bike. Now for a short run, say, 10 miles.
    No, make it 20. I need to burn some calories for a change after my plain Tuna Fish on plain English Muffin.

    Last day of these easy workouts. Tomorrow, the REAL workouts begin.
    10-29-13 04:54 PM
  13. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I am doing jumping jacks while I cook dinner
    10-29-13 05:40 PM
  14. Anilu7's Avatar
    I love crowded buses in rush hour

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    10-29-13 05:45 PM
  15. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    This soup I made looks horrible and tastes worse.
    10-29-13 05:53 PM
  16. jaydee5799's Avatar
    My soup tastes horrible too and I don't want seconds!
    10-29-13 05:54 PM
  17. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    Crowded buses are awesome!

    I was on a bus in Honolulu a few months ago that was so crowded I rode it for six extra blocks so I could enjoy the B.O. of the guy standing next to me. I loved it.
    10-29-13 07:32 PM
  18. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I think they should ban deodorant
    10-29-13 07:40 PM
  19. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Im not going to take a nap before I go to bed
    10-29-13 07:45 PM
  20. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I believe antiperspirant and general hygiene is unnecessary.
    10-29-13 07:49 PM
  21. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Yeah so overrated.

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    10-29-13 08:20 PM
  22. jaydee5799's Avatar
    having a wonderful time backing up files
    10-29-13 08:44 PM
  23. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I think political banter is helpful (amongst party's)
    10-29-13 08:47 PM
  24. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I don't like to party.

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    10-29-13 08:49 PM
  25. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I don't like to party.

    Posted via CB10
    Um.... LOL
    10-29-13 08:51 PM
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