1. california governor's Avatar
    I'm voting for the governor

    Posted via CB10 with Z30
    I just found myself a honorable VP.
    05-29-16 02:51 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    I'm voting for the governor

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    I'm voting for MB64
    05-29-16 08:00 PM
  3. middbrew's Avatar
    I just found myself a honorable VP.
    I would be honored and willing to serve as Secretary of State.
    05-29-16 08:03 PM
  4. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I texting from the inside of a whales belly.

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    05-29-16 08:20 PM
  5. california governor's Avatar
    Bought another NFL team.
    05-30-16 09:54 AM
  6. mrlahjr's Avatar
    El Chapo is using my BlackBerry Passport.

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    05-30-16 09:01 PM
  7. california governor's Avatar
    El Chapo is using my BlackBerry Passport.

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    You must have swapped the Iphone 6S Plus I gave him on my last visit.

     P A S S P O R T [S E] 
    05-30-16 10:06 PM
  8. mrlahjr's Avatar
    The tooth fairy spend the night with me and left me all her money.

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    06-01-16 07:19 AM
  9. cmdaga's Avatar
    My BlackBerry Passport - which I had ordered about 35 days ago, has arrived.

    Posted via BlackBerry Z30
    06-10-16 12:24 PM
  10. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I didn't receive my new BlackBerry Passport today.
    It was the SE also.

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    06-10-16 12:48 PM
  11. CivilDissident's Avatar
    I've decided, after much thought, that I shall relinquish my crown and step down from my intergalactic throne... The stress of keeping the cosmic forces aligned have proven to be more of a burden than blessing...

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    06-12-16 07:53 AM
  12. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I've decided to sell my brand new BlackBerry Passport SE.

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    06-14-16 10:52 AM
  13. california governor's Avatar
    Ah! I didn't sell my Passport SE last weekend.

    Posted via CB10
    06-15-16 12:13 AM
  14. cmdaga's Avatar
    I just sanctioned another $25 billion to BlackBerry. BlackBerry 19 isn't going anywhere.

    And guys, we got more developers than any other company.

    Posted via BlackBerry Z30
    06-26-16 01:05 PM
  15. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I hold a 25% stake in Blackberry.

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    06-26-16 01:36 PM
  16. california governor's Avatar
    Just got selected as Trump's VP.

    06-28-16 05:46 PM
  17. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I'm on Hillary Clinton's security detail.

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    06-29-16 09:44 AM
  18. california governor's Avatar
    Now running ISIS from my basement.
    06-30-16 02:14 AM
  19. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Endorsing Trump for President.

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    07-12-16 04:05 PM
  20. california governor's Avatar
    Endorsed HRC for president.
    08-13-16 06:03 PM
  21. mrlahjr's Avatar
    I'm in Rio de Janeiro having a good a** time.

    Posted via CB10
    08-19-16 03:20 PM
  22. california governor's Avatar
    Just left Rio for my vacation in Florince, Italy.

    Governor of Texas.
    08-19-16 05:44 PM
  23. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Just finished eating three balut.


    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    09-10-16 07:14 PM
  24. middbrew's Avatar
    I didn't sleep in.
    09-14-16 12:40 PM
  25. california governor's Avatar
    Just acquired a new Jet black iphone 7.

    Former Governor of California
    09-16-16 02:33 PM
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